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Season-Long Coaching

All skill levels

Enjoy the benefits of dedicated coaching sessions that focus on specific skills each week. Sign up for one or try them all and push your skiing further this season.

11:00 AM–12:30 PM | $85 per Clinic | Includes Rentals

To book, select the date of your desired skills clinic:

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Clinics Schedule


December 2 | Intro to Classic Skiing I (For Skate Skiers)
December 7 | Intro to Classic Skiing II (For Skate Skiers)
December 9 | Classic Technique Review
December 23 | Skate for Advanced Beginners


January 4 | Skate: Intermediate Skills
January 13 | V1 Skate: Get Up that Hill!
January 27 | Classic: Learning to Love Track Skiing


February 8 | Skate: V1 Technique on Both Sides
February 17 | Classic: Uphill Technique & Striding


March 2 | V2 Skate: Learn & Improve
March 14 | Skate: Get Uphill with Ease
March 16 | Skate: Dynamic & Safe Downhill Skiing
March 30 | Skate: Transitions, Cornering, & Downhill

Check-in at Tamarack Cross-Country Ski Center at least 10 minutes prior to your clinic. A valid trail or season pass is required for each weekly session, and each clinic or workshop must have a minimum of 3 students to run. Schedules are subject to change. Call 760.934.5293 x6 for current info.

Additional Information


163 Twin Lakes Rd.
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

Getting Here
From town, continue on Main Street/SR 203 to Lake Mary Road. Veer right after the bridge before the winter closure toward Tamarack Lodge. The Ski Center is at the far end of the parking lot in the yurt building.

Free Shuttle Service to Tamarack Lodge
The ESTA Orange Line runs daily from 7:30 AM–6:15 PM during the winter season, departing The Village :00 and :30 minutes past the hour, and leaving Tamarack Lodge :15 and :45 minutes past the hour. Shuttle schedule subject to change.


Tamarack Cross-Country Ski Center is open daily from January 8–April 16, 2024. Weather and conditions permitting.

Tamarack Responsibility Code

Cross-country skiing is an action sport carrying significant risk of personal injury and/or fatality. Common sense and awareness can reduce your risks. For the safety of yourself and others, please observe these guidelines (this is a partial list):

  1. Ski under control to avoid hazards and other skiers.
  2. Yield to other skiers when entering a trail or starting downhill.
  3. Avoid stopping in the middle of hills and obstructing trails or intersections.
  4. Skiers coming downhill have the right-of-way. Pass oncoming skiers on the right side.
  5. Observe all posted signs and stay off closed trails and out of closed areas.
  6. Please don’t step in the track without skis on. Be sure to fill in sitzmarks.
  7. Be prepared. Carry a small pack for drinking water, extra food, clothing, a compass and map.
  8. Walking, snowshoeing, snowmobiles and dogs are not permitted on groomed ski trails.
  9. Snowshoers yield to skiers at trail intersections.

Be Aware
Grooming machines may be on trails at any time. Both natural and man-made obstacles or hazards may exist at any time. Lakes and streams are subject to unstable ice and snow. Ski patrol is not always available. Groomed ski trails can be affected by weather conditions and skier use. Some trails may not be open during or immediately following adverse weather. Trail passes are non-refundable, so be sure to check the weather and conditions before purchasing.