Three patrol dogs sitting on a chairlift

Mammoth Patrol Dogs

Our 4-legged patrollers are not only cute and fluffy, but they are also highly trained to help search for people in the event of an avalanche. They are crucial members of our safety team and a big part of the Mammoth family. Learn about each of our patrol dogs and watch them hard at work.

Avalanche Dog Duke
Breed: Golden Retriever
DOB: 2014
Began Duty: Winter 14/15
Human: Nicole Deaver
Favorite Activity: Playing catch in Mammoth's Shady Rest Park.
Fun Fact: Duke has serious ups. He can jump about 5 feet high.
Avalanche Dog Trico
Breed: Entlebucher Mountain Dog
DOB: Feb 4, 2016
Began Duty: Winter 15/16
Human: Steve McGrath
Favorite Activity: Playing with empty water bottles.
Fun Fact: Trico's breed is the smallest of the Sennehund line. His breed was developed in Roman times as high alpine herding dogs from the Swiss Alps.

Avalanche Dog Luna
Breed: Yellow English Labrador
DOB: 2014
Began Duty: Winter 17/18
Human: Kyle Williams
Favorite Activity: Swimming and playing in the water (Just like her dog dad).
Fun Fact: Luna is the daughter of Atlas.
Avalanche Dog Ritter
Breed: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
DOB: March 5, 2021
Began Duty: Winter 20/21
Human: Shawn Wilson
Favorite Activity: Swimming and wrestling with my human.
Fun Fact: Ritter has a water-repellent coat and loves swimming but hates baths.
Avalanche Dog Oski
Breed: Labrador Retriever
DOB: Sept 12, 2021
Began Duty: Winter 21/22
Human: Bo Montagne
Favorite Activity: Meeting new dogs and watching the big dogs train.
Fun Fact: Oski is named after Cal Berkeley's mascot as a tribute to my human's grandfather.