Vote for Unbound

Jun 01, 2017


Close your eyes and dream of the best terrain park you have ever skied or ridden.

Is it Main Park this spring? South Park back in December? Or what about the Snake Run in February? With the massive amounts of snow this past season the Unbound crew had the resources to build some of the sickest set-ups of all-time, and what transpired was mind-blowing.

2017 was a massive year for snowfall. And yes, the parks were buried countless times. Sure enough, by the next sunny day they were dug out and primed for shredding. TJ Dawoud and his Unbound crew manicured those parks like a French poodle providing countless “best days ever” for anyone riding them.

Vote for Mammoth in the Transworld Snowboarding Resort Poll and in the Newschoolers Park Poll and tell them how hard Unbound kicked ass this season. It takes less than a minute and is pretty darn fun looking back on all the fun had in our terrain parks.

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