20 Years of Progression

Apr 18, 2017


Terrain park progression is manifested in a number of ways. It started in the early 2000’s when Mammoth Mountain began building parks bigger, safer and with more creativity than any other resort in the world. Over the years our builders have pushed the boundaries in a multitude of levels, let’s review.

Jibs Galore
– More jibs, more creativity and more fun. This jib only park is an incredible training ground for rail riders and a great spot to hike a feature and learn a new trick. It’s location also makes it a great place to lap when there’s wind or weather.

South Park
– Advanced features set up in a fun, flowy fashion has helped countless skiers and riders make the transition to the XL features found in Main Park. And starting with an 18’ halfpipe is the best way to get your edge control dialed before a full run through the park.

– Our builders put just as much thought and work into our beginner offerings as they do into the intermediate and pro level features found in our other parks. Doesn’t matter what your age is or what you’re sliding on, our Playgrounds help you get better.

Transition Park
– Unlike anything you’ve skied or ridden before, 2016 brought us to the next step in progression. Berms, bowls, banks and spines are perfectly manicured into a park that looks like it came straight from your dreams.

Halfpipes, halfpipes, halfpipes
– Having won the Transworld Snowboarding resort poll for best halfpipe a number of times, it’s obvious our team puts a lot of work into our pipes. But it’s the wide range of pipes we offer that sets the Unbound apart. 22’ foot in Main, 18’ in South, 12’ in Wonderland and the occasional mini-pipe in Forest Trail. Literally there’s something for everyone.

Hemlocks – First public big mountain freestyle park opened this year and has re-defined the world of freeriding as we know it. Large to XL features built out of snow have given countless skiers and riders a little taste of the backcountry kicker experience.