Kimmy Fasani - Rider of the Year

Dec 20, 2016

As part of the opening weekend festivities, Mammoth Mountain joined up with Absinthe Films to premiere their new movie Forever/After. Absinthe has been at the top of the game for years and their new installment had some of the heaviest snowboarding to date. But there was one rider that stood out and her name was coming up in random conversations throughout the weekend.

“Did you see Kimmy’s part last night?”
“Oh yeah, her part was nuts!”
“Kimmy had the video part of the decade dude….”

Mammoth Mountainteam rider, Kimmy Fasani, spent much of last winter and spring filming on the massive mountains in Alaska. Known for its deathly exposure, 2,000 ft. blind rollovers, gargantuan cliffs, slough the size of a wave at Waimea Bay and avalanches the size of small cities were all facets that she delt with while shredding these mountains, not to mention the sketchy helicopter landings, hiking along razor sharp ridges and weeks of down time awaiting blue skies. Kimmy rode those mountains with strength, confidence and an innate eye for the aesthetically beautiful. She didn’t shy away from hitting massive features and threw in some tech tricks in hairball conditions. Simply put, her video part showcases some incredible snowboarding.

Last week Transworld Snowboarding hosted its annual Rider of the Year party in Denver. With the entire industry looking on, Kimmy Fasani won Women’s Rider of the Year. While it’s not fair to say her win was expected, it says something when the entire audience nodded in agreement and jumped to their feet in applause after Spencer O’ Brien announced her name.

Kimmy’s passion for snowboarding, infectious positive attitude, advocacy for our environment, unstoppable work ethic and leadership for women’s sport makes her an incredible asset to have on our team of Mammoth athletes. Congratulations Kimmy on an amazing year.

- Gabe Taylor