I am Snowboarding

Apr 05, 2016


Well, Jeff Anderson is snowboarding, and the JLA Banked Slalom is an incredible way to get together with friends, race an awesome course and celebrate the community that Jeff was such a huge part of growing. 

This year’s event took place on Lower Dry Creek on what can be called the absolute ideal set up for a banked slalom. After a few berms and some rollers the course took a radical 90 degree turn down into the heart of the creek bed with banked turns lined down the entirety of the small valley. 
Current pros, bros, legends and future legends all put two hands on the starting gates and slingshotted themselves into the run with all intentions of riding as fast as possible. 

Temple Cummins, Roan Rogers, Danny Kass, Christy Prior, Markus Kellar, Bryan Fox, Scott Blum, Curtis Ciszek, Kimmy Fasani, Garrett Warnick, Seth Huot, Scotty James and a grip of other top pros tore down the course with times that had the rest of the mortals scratching their heads in total amazement. At the end of the day it was Mt. Baker legend and all around nice guy Temple Cummins winning the two run event. 
The snowboarding community is alive and well and it just feels right that Mammoth plays host to an event that undoubtedly would make Jeffy proud.