Oakley Wallride Welcome Party

Mar 21, 2016

Oakley Wall_Seb

Unveiling a new feature can go unnoticed at times, the new Oakley wall ride however, did not. Its sheer size made sure of that, standing 15 feet off the snow the thing is visible from the other side of the county. Oakley sent some of their top skiers and riders to session the wall with hopes of getting the first shots on the thing. Eero Ettala, Sammy Calrson, ABM, Seb Toots, Jamie Anderson and Sven Thorgren flew in from all over the world for Oakley Week and to take a stab at the beast. 

What ensued was a session of epic proportions. Standout tricks included a crazy fast plant on top of the wall, air to fakies way above the top, some incredibly tech lip tricks and a half dozen backside airs from Seb that were a solid 10 feet above the top of the 12 foot wall. 

Check out the new Oakley wallride, currently now up in Main Park.

Oaklye Wall_Unbound