6 on 6 with Spencer Whiting

Feb 26, 2016


Spencer is a product of the Mammoth Teams program and along with his good friends Brandon Davis and Grey McCalla they’ve been destroying everything in their path, as witnessed in their self-produced Mayhem edits. Not one to sit back and hope something good happens, Spencer took the bull by the horns and has been working his tail off, shredding hard and capturing all of it for us to enjoy. Heads up if you see him out on the hill, his lines can be a little aggressive; see Legends of the Fall Line Episode 2 for proof…

Gabe: Do you have any nicknames?
Spencer: Yeah, I just got a new one from Ben Ferguson, speddy. Earned over some hectic Domino games.
G: What’s your favorite Unbound feature?
S: Hmmm, I honestly think we have the best down rails in the game, so good for getting your tricks dialed. 

G: Nose, tail or stale?
S: Definitely nose.
G: Top 5 video parts of all time?
S: One of em from a long time ago was Kevin Pierce and Shaun White in Picture This. John J’s last Real Snow edit was insane. It’s hard nowadays because everyone puts out web series and they’re not really video parts. Oh, Scott Stevens in the 32 movie, that was sick. Wait, John Jackson in Forum’s F!@k it, that was so messed up! There was that shot of him doing a double backside rodeo, I love the way that was filmed. Last night I watched Deeper and that was insane. Camping out in the middle of nowhere? That’s no joke. 

G: What's motivating you to ride so hard?
S: Honestly, I’ve always been really into contests and this year I took a step back and started riding for myself. Just riding for myself and being in Mammoth, this has been the spot to be. 

G: Do you have a favorite quote?
S: It’s not really a quote but “stay hungry”.
G: That'd make for a horrible tattoo.
S: Ha! Yeah it would.