6 on 6 With Frank Knab

Feb 20, 2016


Coming to Mammoth from upstate New York Frank immediately embraced everything the Eastern Sierra’s had to offer. His shred or die take on riding was met with open arms by the community and it wasn’t long before this ripping skater was climbing some the biggest peaks in the Sierra and chucking off some of the biggest jumps in the parks. Frank’s incredibly balanced approach mean he could be on a rail shoot one day and in the backcountry the next, a blend of riding that is damn fun to watch.  
Gabe: What is your favorite Unbound feature?
Frank: Waterfall rail, really unique and fun to ride.

G: Top 2 video parts of all time?
F: Jeff Anderson in Back in Black and Johan Olofsson in TB5

G: What song best describes your snowboarding?
F: Fight for your Right to Party by the Beastie Boys

G: What’s your favorite trick today?
F: Mute grab with some different pokes and tweaks.

G: Nose or Tail?
F: Tail

G: Have you ever thrown a temper tantrum while filming?
F: I wouldn’t say I’ve ever thrown a real temper tantrum, but there’s been some moments for sure. It’s tough when you put a lot of work into something and it either doesn’t work or you blow the shot.