6 on 6 w/ Brandon Davis

Feb 04, 2016

6 on 6 Brandon Davis

Having worked his way through the Mammoth Mountain Teams program, this 20 year old US Snowboard Team member isn’t what’s next, but what’s now. Coming off of his Grand prix win here at Mammoth we got to take a few laps with the phenom known as… Fluffy? Read on.

Gabe: What song best describes your snowboarding?

Brandon Davis: Red House by Jimi Hendrix.

G: Did you claim your final run at the Grand Prix?

B: Honestly I don’t remember. I didn’t think I was going to land, so more than anything I was in shock. I think I just made a big turn.

G: What’s your favorite trick today?

B: Back five nose.

G: Nose, tail or stale?

B: Definitely Nose.

G: Top 5 favorite movies?

B: Jeremy Jones’ Higher, Big Daddy with Adam Sandler and Art of Flight, yeah those are pretty dope.

G: What's motivating you to ride so hard?

B: The snowboarding, it’s not like I’m trying to do it for the money or to win contests or anything. It’s what I’d be doing anyways, just riding as hard as I can.

G: Do you have any Nicknames?

B: Fluffy.

G: Hahaha. What?  

B: Yeah, Ben Wisner calls me Fluffy…

G: Well I’m not sure I want to call you that, seems borderline inappropriate.

B: Ha, it could be.