Chloe Wins Gold at X

Feb 01, 2016


      So there Chloe Kim was, eyeing up her last hit on her first run of the evening’s halfpipe contest. The run had gone flawlessly up to this point and after landing what was supposed to be “the easiest trick I do…” in Chloe’s words, she could smile her way onto the podium and call it a night. But the gods of X revel in parody and Chloe sketched out on the landing of her final hit. The look on her face as she was interviewed post run was that of a frightened competitor who had just been taught a lesson in the humanity of sport, in front of millions no less. 

     Champions dig deep they say, and watching a 15 year old snowboarding prodigy throw down an incredibly technical winning run with the weight she had on her shoulders is what movies are made of. With the new snow accumulating in the halfpipe’s flat bottom and visibility becoming a real issue it would’ve been perfectly understandable for Chloe to fall back to an easier run and let her amplitude earn the winning score. She didn’t see it that way, and threw down the same run as her first with the big difference being how she nailed the last hit. Winning in the way Chloe just did is the type of situation that breeds an incredible amount of confidence, we’re all looking forward to witnessing the outcome.