Mammoth Team Athlete Podium Sweep

Jan 24, 2016


After getting beat down by Mother Nature for a few days (but also providing the athletes with a bunch of powder to ride) the men's and women's Halfpipe event went off on Sunday morning under bright blue skies with no wind. 

Mammoth team athletes Kelly Clark, Chloe Kim and Maddie Mastro used their home field advantage to secure the top three spots on the Women’s Halfpipe podium. With Brandon Davis' win in Slopestyle on Thursday, announcers, judges and other athletes were asking "What's in the water up in Mammoth?"

Kelly Clark rides with the power, speed and amplitude you'd normally see in the Men's competitions. With too many Olympic, XGames, World Championship, USOpen and Grand Prix wins to list, some wonder where Kelly finds the motivation to compete. One look at her face after finishing her run is all you need to have that question answered; she's having as much fun as anyone on the hill.
View Kelly's run HERE

Giving Kelly a run for her money not only in score, but also on the fun factor, is Mammoth Team alum Chloe Kim. At 15 years old (yeah, 15...) Chloe is becoming a competitive juggernaut which has the snow sports industry buzzing and pop culture keeping both eyes peeled at what the youngster's up to next. Chloe Kim is currently in the rarified air of not only being the sport’s future, but its present as well. 
View Chloe's run HERE

Mammoth Snowboard team athlete Maddie Mastro is climbing the pro ranks at a rapid clip. A year ago her goal was to make the finals and today she found herself standing in front of her friends and family earning her first pro podium in style. Which this young woman has in spades. The subtle tweak on her method and boned out frontside air had announcer Eddie Wall drawing comparisons to the style icon Jamie Lynn, a massive complement for the 15 year old. 
View Maddie's run HERE

Yes, the weather was difficult this week, to say the least. But the Unbound crew here at Mammoth worked their boots off ensuring that every minute of rideable weather was taken advantage of and the courses were dialed for the competitors.  

After the Women’s halfpipe podium Mammoth Team’s head coach Ben Wisner couldn’t emphasize enough how hard these athletes have been working.

“It’s insane, the amount of passion and work that these women have shown us is next level. They’re world class athletes that just so happen to love what they do and what it takes to do it.”