6 on 6 w/ Danny Davis

Jan 23, 2016

With a resume that includes winning the last two XGames you’d expect Danny Davis to be a competitive robot with a win-at-all-costs demeanor a la Michael Jordan, Kelly Slater or Lance Armstrong. But that’s what makes Danny so fun to root for; he’s the antithesis of that. He’s laid back, always smiling and rides a snowboard with such creative spontaneity you can’t help but get stoked watching him ride. We sat down with Danny for this year’s first installment of 6 on 6.

Gabe: What are your first memories of Mammoth's Unbound Terrain Parks?

Danny: I was 13 and came to Mammoth for the USASA Nationals. I rode the halfpipe and all the parks and that was my first time out west. I grew up in Michigan and coming here was my first experience with big mountains and a run that takes more than a minute. I remember going to June and my mind was blown. Then I moved here when I was 17, at the Mitrani’s house.

G: You seem like a super positive/happy guy, have you ever thrown a temper tantrum?

D: Oh yeah. I try not to do it at the bottom of the pipe or on TV or anything like that. I just save it until I get home or in the car. You know man, sometimes I get super bummed and aggressive, but I’m really not that mad but other times I am really pissed and I just have to get on a lift and go ride. Usually after a couple of runs listening to really loud music I’m all good.

G: Have you ever broken your headphones or anything?  

D: I’ve definitely smashed a couple helmets that’s for sure.

G: What was your first thought this morning?

D: Ugh. Another early morning. Had to wake up at six.

G: What was the last photo you took on your phone?

D: Oh shoot, this could be dangerous.

G: I guess this could be really dangerous, no nudity please!

D: Oh you mean the last photo someone sent me? Haha! Let’s see, it was a photo that Peter Morning sent me. Check this photo from XGames last year…

G: Are you filming this year?

D: I am, for the snowboarder mag movie.

G: What? No way! That’s going to be insane. Thanks Danny!