Blackbird Blackbird Q&A

Feb 17, 2015

Days spent riding with your friends are sacred. Most of the time, choosing your music is more than just hitting shuffle. The same rules apply for our team of videographers and film-makers.

Blackbird Blackbird was the featured artist in our latest Prepare to Unload video where some of our favorites shred from the top of Face Lift Express all the way down into Main Park.


We asked Mikey Maramag of Blackbird Blackbird a few questions to get better acquainted.

Blackbird Blackbird has a very unique sound, how is the music made?  
The Music is made in my bedroom studio mostly. I use my fender telecaster, prophet '08, and oberheim matrix 6 coupled with an apogee duet. Pretty simple really.

Where did the name “Blackbird Blackbird” come from?
It is from the Beatles song of the same name.

How many band members are there?  
There is only 1, just me. Although for live sets I tend to switch it up & have a full band (guitar, bass, drums).

What are the main influences for your music, musical or otherwise?
Mostly just my surroundings & real-life experiences.

If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing?
Probably working at a music PR firm or starting my own label/artist management company.

Where is Blackbird Blackbird from?
I'm from the Bay Area (California)

Are you into any snow sports? If so, how long have you been skiing/riding/sledding/sliding on ice?
I have never been skiing or snowboarding but I really really want to learn.

Introduce Blackbird Blackbird to your next Spotify Shred Playlist for a lap down Face Lift Express and watch Prepare to Unload here: