• 6 on 6 w/ Brandon Davis

    Feb 04, 2016

    6 on 6 Brandon Davis

    Having worked his way through the Mammoth Mountain Teams program, this 20 year old US Snowboard Team member isn’t what’s next, but what’s now. Coming off of his Grand prix win here at Mammoth we got to take a few laps with the phenom known as… Fluffy? Read on.

    Gabe: What song best describes your snowboarding?

    Brandon Davis: Red House by Jimi Hendrix.

    G: Did you claim your final run at the Grand Prix?

    B: Honestly I don’t remember. I didn’t think I was going to land, so more than anything I was in shock. I think I just made a big turn.

    G: What’s your favorite trick today?

    B: Back five nose.

    G: Nose, tail or stale?

    B: Definitely Nose.

    G: Top 5 favorite movies?

    B: Jeremy Jones’ Higher, Big Daddy with Adam Sandler and Art of Flight, yeah those are pretty dope.

    G: What's motivating you to ride so hard?

    B: The snowboarding, it’s not like I’m trying to do it for the money or to win contests or anything. It’s what I’d be doing anyways, just riding as hard as I can.

    G: Do you have any Nicknames?

    B: Fluffy.

    G: Hahaha. What?  

    B: Yeah, Ben Wisner calls me Fluffy…

    G: Well I’m not sure I want to call you that, seems borderline inappropriate.

    B: Ha, it could be.

  • Chloe Wins Gold at X

    Feb 01, 2016

    ASPEN XGAMES DAY 5 PMM_647 (1)

          So there Chloe Kim was, eyeing up her last hit on her first run of the evening’s halfpipe contest. The run had gone flawlessly up to this point and after landing what was supposed to be “the easiest trick I do…” in Chloe’s words, she could smile her way onto the podium and call it a night. But the gods of X revel in parody and Chloe sketched out on the landing of her final hit. The look on her face as she was interviewed post run was that of a frightened competitor who had just been taught a lesson in the humanity of sport, in front of millions no less. 

         Champions dig deep they say, and watching a 15 year old snowboarding prodigy throw down an incredibly technical winning run with the weight she had on her shoulders is what movies are made of. With the new snow accumulating in the halfpipe’s flat bottom and visibility becoming a real issue it would’ve been perfectly understandable for Chloe to fall back to an easier run and let her amplitude earn the winning score. She didn’t see it that way, and threw down the same run as her first with the big difference being how she nailed the last hit. Winning in the way Chloe just did is the type of situation that breeds an incredible amount of confidence, we’re all looking forward to witnessing the outcome. 

  • Mammoth Team Athlete Podium Sweep

    Jan 24, 2016


    After getting beat down by Mother Nature for a few days (but also providing the athletes with a bunch of powder to ride) the men's and women's Halfpipe event went off on Sunday morning under bright blue skies with no wind. 

    Mammoth team athletes Kelly Clark, Chloe Kim and Maddie Mastro used their home field advantage to secure the top three spots on the Women’s Halfpipe podium. With Brandon Davis' win in Slopestyle on Thursday, announcers, judges and other athletes were asking "What's in the water up in Mammoth?"

    Kelly Clark rides with the power, speed and amplitude you'd normally see in the Men's competitions. With too many Olympic, XGames, World Championship, USOpen and Grand Prix wins to list, some wonder where Kelly finds the motivation to compete. One look at her face after finishing her run is all you need to have that question answered; she's having as much fun as anyone on the hill.
    View Kelly's run HERE

    Giving Kelly a run for her money not only in score, but also on the fun factor, is Mammoth Team alum Chloe Kim. At 15 years old (yeah, 15...) Chloe is becoming a competitive juggernaut which has the snow sports industry buzzing and pop culture keeping both eyes peeled at what the youngster's up to next. Chloe Kim is currently in the rarified air of not only being the sport’s future, but its present as well. 
    View Chloe's run HERE

    Mammoth Snowboard team athlete Maddie Mastro is climbing the pro ranks at a rapid clip. A year ago her goal was to make the finals and today she found herself standing in front of her friends and family earning her first pro podium in style. Which this young woman has in spades. The subtle tweak on her method and boned out frontside air had announcer Eddie Wall drawing comparisons to the style icon Jamie Lynn, a massive complement for the 15 year old. 
    View Maddie's run HERE

    Yes, the weather was difficult this week, to say the least. But the Unbound crew here at Mammoth worked their boots off ensuring that every minute of rideable weather was taken advantage of and the courses were dialed for the competitors.  

    After the Women’s halfpipe podium Mammoth Team’s head coach Ben Wisner couldn’t emphasize enough how hard these athletes have been working.

    “It’s insane, the amount of passion and work that these women have shown us is next level. They’re world class athletes that just so happen to love what they do and what it takes to do it.”

  • 6 on 6 w/ Danny Davis

    Jan 23, 2016

    With a resume that includes winning the last two XGames you’d expect Danny Davis to be a competitive robot with a win-at-all-costs demeanor a la Michael Jordan, Kelly Slater or Lance Armstrong. But that’s what makes Danny so fun to root for; he’s the antithesis of that. He’s laid back, always smiling and rides a snowboard with such creative spontaneity you can’t help but get stoked watching him ride. We sat down with Danny for this year’s first installment of 6 on 6.

    Gabe: What are your first memories of Mammoth's Unbound Terrain Parks?

    Danny: I was 13 and came to Mammoth for the USASA Nationals. I rode the halfpipe and all the parks and that was my first time out west. I grew up in Michigan and coming here was my first experience with big mountains and a run that takes more than a minute. I remember going to June and my mind was blown. Then I moved here when I was 17, at the Mitrani’s house.

    G: You seem like a super positive/happy guy, have you ever thrown a temper tantrum?

    D: Oh yeah. I try not to do it at the bottom of the pipe or on TV or anything like that. I just save it until I get home or in the car. You know man, sometimes I get super bummed and aggressive, but I’m really not that mad but other times I am really pissed and I just have to get on a lift and go ride. Usually after a couple of runs listening to really loud music I’m all good.

    G: Have you ever broken your headphones or anything?  

    D: I’ve definitely smashed a couple helmets that’s for sure.

    G: What was your first thought this morning?

    D: Ugh. Another early morning. Had to wake up at six.

    G: What was the last photo you took on your phone?

    D: Oh shoot, this could be dangerous.

    G: I guess this could be really dangerous, no nudity please!

    D: Oh you mean the last photo someone sent me? Haha! Let’s see, it was a photo that Peter Morning sent me. Check this photo from XGames last year…

    G: Are you filming this year?

    D: I am, for the snowboarder mag movie.

    G: What? No way! That’s going to be insane. Thanks Danny!

  • Brandon Davis Takes Home the US Snowboarding Grand Prix Gold

    Jan 22, 2016

    Home field advantage is usually reserved for sports like football, ice hockey and soccer but longtime Mammoth resident and wünder shred Brandon Davis used the mountains, local crowd and the comfort of riding his favorite chairlift to his advantage yesterday, dominating a stacked field at the US Grand Prix of Snowboarding’s slopestyle event. 

    After a first run where the wind got the best of him Brandon laid down a vicious second run and earned a 94. Davis’s start position (2nd, behind runner up Eric Willett) meant he’d be watching the remainder of the field drop from the hot seat at the bottom of the course. Not comfortable with his 94.0 Brandon unleashed on his third run and earned a massive 97.5 from the judges.

    As Brandon watched the final rider (2015 champ Eric Beauchemin) drop in and eventually wash out on the final jump a wave of total disbelief and elation washed over the 20 year old’s face. 

    “It was kind of a weird day. I just barely snuck into the finals, wasn’t really having the best practice, didn’t have the best first run, but then everything just ended up working out and here I am.” Davis said.

    Call it neutral ice, the 12th man or what you want, but Brandon Davis found the comforts of home to his liking this week.

    “I just feel comfortable being in these mountains. Whenever I'm home I'm up here riding this chairlift and hitting these jumps and rails with my friends; that just makes everything so much easier.”



    Nov 24, 2015

    The start of Winter has arrived and to celebrate Iikka Backstrom, Anto Chamberland, Justin Fronius, Marc Salas, along with new Global Ams Brady Lem and Jordan Morse descended upon Mammoth Mountain with an old fashioned snowboarding road trip to kickoff the season.

    The trip was filled with plenty of skateboarding, pow slashes, park riding, good vibes, and a double header premiere of Snowboarder’s “SFD” and Shredbots' “Shredtopia”. We’re happy to say… it’s Finally Winter.

    For more on the DC Snowboarding team and the Winter 2016 Collection visit: 

  • 11/14/2015

    Nov 14, 2015
    Main park has 11 jibs and a super fun 30' jump. Forest Trail has 5 jumps and 4 jibs.
    Opening weekend has never looked so good.
    Scott Blum shown here lighting up lower Main.


  • #mammothsopen

    Nov 05, 2015
    Early season snow and our  team of boss operators got the mountain open a week early with some of the best conditions for an opener ever. Here's part of our rail fleet awaiting deployment.

    Main Park Rails

  • Transworld Park Rankings

    Nov 01, 2015
    TW Rankings

  • 36 Days and counting

    Oct 06, 2015