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Spencer Whiting

Years Riding 
Since I was 3 years old. About 16 years…crazy.

Favorite Run on Mammoth Mountain 
First tracks on climax is always the best!

Park or Powder
Bluebird pow day in the morning and then perfect jumps in the afternoon?

Favorite Mammoth Moment
Didn’t get to ride much pow last year, so it was definitely getting the first gondola up to the top last season. Hands down best day of the year.

Favorite Spot to Eat in Mammoth
Old New York Deli & Bakery

What Brought You to Mammoth
The endless amount of sunshine and perfect jumps. Nothing better than a bluebird day at Mammoth!

Volcom, Giro, Ride Snowboards, Freestyle Watches, Monster Army, Mammoth Mountain

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