Judd Henkes

Where were you when you were 14? GI Joe, Transformers and video games come to mind for many of us. 14 year-old Judd Henkes has been pushing the boundaries of snowboarding.  He's the first to guinea pig a new jump, his style is on point and he's not afraid to try just about anything. In 2016 Judd won the Junior Jam at the US Open, giving him a wild card entry to the Main Event.  Going up against some of the halfpipe greats (keep in mind Judd is usually a slopestyle rider), our favorite mini-shred-in-a-collared-shirt blasted a 20 foot frontside 540 for his first hit, then chucked a 20 foot frontside 900 on his final hit ending with a memorable crowd spray. Add Judd to your list of names to watch, like now.  This kid is going places, and he's going big.

Years Riding
I have been riding since I was four so like 10 years.

Favorite Run on Mammoth Mountain
Main Park

Park or Powder

Favorite Mammoth Moment
Riding pow days

Favorite Spot to Eat in Mammoth

What Brought You to Mammoth
My parents started taking me up here when I was four and I just kept coming.  

Billabong, Oakley, Salomon Snowboards, Crab Grab, Celtek
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Instagram: @juddhenkes
Twitter: @juddhenkes
Snapchat: @juddhenkes

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