Glen Plake

Who is Glen Plake?
I am a Californian, born and raised. A professional snowskier who has been inducted into the hall of fame. An accomplished ski mountaineer/alpinist, I’ve climbed and skied mountains all around the world. I am constantly working closely with my sponsors developing and promoting their products.  I do allow distractions to enter my life which include, competitive waterskiing, Saturday night dirt track racing, and anytime I can ride my dirtbike or bicycle I’m really stoked.  

Years Skiing 
I’ve been skiing since I was 2 years old - I missed 2 seasons with broken legs.
Favorite Run on Mammoth Mountain 
That’s kinda a hard one, I tend to hang out on Wipeout and Dropout….winter/spring runs down Fresno Bowl (Wait, can we talk about that….?).
Park or Powder
Park - I can’t handle the powder “scene”. Ha.
Favorite Mammoth Moment
Wipeout to Dropout windlip jump - it’s always a favorite moment, also tucking in the morning.
Favorite Spot to Eat in Mammoth
Carson Peak Inn in June Lake, Berger’s Burger in town or Toomey’s for take-out.
It’s always cool to have breakfast or lunch at the Main Lodge.
What Brought You to Mammoth
Skiing, the consistency of the snow and the mountain being open early and late season!  I like skiing where there are no trees.

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