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Garrett Warnick

Years Riding 
16 years of boarding for me! 

Favorite Run on Mammoth Mountain 
One of my favorite runs on Mammoth would have to be White Bark Ridge on Chair 12, although I have countless other favorite runs on Mammoth.

Park or Powder
Anytime it snows powder! But on the sunny no-new-snow days, you can't beat Mammoth's perfect parks.

Favorite Mammoth Moment
Anytime I learn a new trick in the park is a new favorite Mammoth moment for me! 

Favorite Spot to Eat in Mammoth 
The Mill

What Brought You to Mammoth 
I moved to Mammoth when I was 12 years old for the snowboarding and other recreational activities. It's a great place to grow up and I haven’t wanted to leave.

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