• What is RFID?

  • Why is Mammoth Mountain Using RFID?

  • What information is stored on Pass/Ticket RFID Cards?

  • I've seen scanning at other resorts, is RFID better?

  • Can RFID be used to access my personal information?

  • Will my RFID Pass/Card interfere with other RFID products?

  • What About RFID & Pacemakers?

  • Are there any other concerns associated with RFID?

  • Can I Punch A Hole In My RFID Media Access Card?

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  • Can chips 'survive'; in pieces of clothing, washing machines and dryers?

  • How widely used is RFID technology?

  • Will RFID technology interfere with my other wireless technology?

  • Can RFID be read from Satellites?

  • I'm buying a pass for a child, grandchild, or friend, how do I do this?

  • Where should I carry my RFID access card?