Mountain Operations

Snowcat at Night

Opening the Mountain after a Storm

Our Mountain Operations team prepares for the worst case scenario whenever there is snow in the forecast.  Big time storms keep their own hours, and when Mammoth gets hit in the middle of the night leaving only a few hours to do a day's worth of work, we ramp up operations and do whatever it takes to open on time.

This level of readiness and consistent performance is at the core of our reputation as one of the premier mountain operation teams in the world.  We take great pride in the standards we've set for preparing, opening, and conditioning our 3,500 acres, 150 trails, and 28 lifts.

This page was created to deliver important operational information to our guests and to provide a look behind-the-scenes of how we get California's only real Big Mountain ready for serious shredding and family fun everyday of the season.  We'll be adding content to this page throughout the year.

Ski Patrol: Avalanche Control Mission

Get up long before dawn with the Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol as they execute an Avalanche Control Mission after a big storm.  Crawl into a mountain artillery bunker and watch patrollers create controlled avalanches with a WWII Howitzer.