CMH Heli-Skiing presents Lines of Sight: A Guided Virtual Reality

Date / Time
Mar 22 - Mar 25 / All day
Entertainment, Winter Events

Try Heli-Skiing in Virtual Reality

Join CMH as they land their 'heli' at the base of the Mammoth Mountain, March 22–24, 2019.  You're invited inside to soar above the glaciers, and drop into the best runs of your life in this beautifully immersive new experience. Filmed entirely at CMH Cariboos over the course of one incredible winter, this cinematic piece is the first of its kind in both the tech and the ski industries.

Event Details

CMH installing a heli-inspired VR lounge at Mammoth for a limited time. Bring your friends and family to try Heli-Skiing in virtual reality, and to ask the CMH team any questions about sampling the real deal.

Time Location
March 22
 Coming Soon
 Coming Soon
March 23    
March 24    

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