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Zip from the Summit

Prepare for Takeoff

Thrill seekers will find extreme fun flying down the biggest vertical drop of any zip-lining experience in the country. Hit speeds up to 60 mph as you plunge over 2,100 ft from Mammoth Mountain's summit on 2 separate spans. Choose a prone or seated-style harness before loading the gondola for a scenic ride up to the summit, where our safety experts will get you ready to soar. Zippers can descend side-by-side on parallel cables, gliding more than a mile back to the Adventure Center below. Minimum weight of 75-lbs required.


Mega Zip Adventures

Mega Zip Adventures

Launching Soon |  9AM–5PM

Grab your most adventurous friends and ride the fastest way down Mammoth Mountain. You and a friend can ride side by side from the Mammoth's 11,053' summit back to the Adventure Center. Can't decide between prone or seated? Book a Re-Ride and do both for half the price of the full Zip. Times are available to book every 20 minutes, with the complete experience lasting approximately 30–40 minutes.


Weight & Age Restriction

You must weigh between 75–264 lbs (34–119 kg) to ride the Mammoth Mega Zip. The weight limit is set by the zip line manufacturer. Zip riders must be at least 8 years old.

What to Wear / Bring

Zippers must wear secure, closed toe shoes with a minimum heel. Pockets must be empty and riders must not carry any objects on the line. Storage is provided at MMZ headquarters.

Wind & Weather

MMZ operations are always subject to wind and weather conditions, which can change frequently and with little warning. Strict standards are in place determining suitable operating conditions. 

Rider Requirements

Riders of Mammoth Mega Zip must:

  • Be able to understand and comprehend all instructions and commands as well as respond to and communicate with operators.
  • Be in adequate health and physical condition to withstand strenuous activity.
  • Possess two arms sufficient to be contained by the restraint system and able to grip the handles on the trolley.
  • Possess one full leg or part of two legs to be contained by the leg straps of the harness.
  • A guardian should accompany a mentally disabled person to ensure enough awareness to remain in a calm reclined position during the ride. Panic along the cables could result in a fall leading to serious injury or death.
  • Individuals who are pregnant or may be pregnant shall not ride. 

In the event that you do not meet these Essential Eligibility Criteria, please see our course manager or staff to explore the other activities that may be available to you on our mountain. 

Info & Restrictions
Top-to-Bottom Flight Across 2 Spans

Top-to-Bottom Flight Across 2 Spans

Biggest Vertical Zip Drop in the Country

Zip down over a mile from the top of the mountain to the Adventure Center below. The upper span takes off from a platform at the mountain summit at over 11,053' in elevation. When you reach the bottom of the upper span near the top of Broadway Express (Chair 1), our safety experts will disconnect your harness from the line, attach it to the lower span, and send you on your way from the mid-mountain platform.

Mammoth Mega Zip Stats

  Span Length 

Takeoff / Landing

Elev. Difference  Avg. Gradient
Upper Span 4,300 ft 11,055 ft / 9,935 ft 1,123 ft 26.1%
Lower Span 2,996 ft 9,868 ft / 8,929 ft 939 ft 31.3%

Mammoth Mega Zip Stats