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5-Day Overnight Camp – Adventure, Friendship & Big Mountain Fun

Summer Camp at Mammoth Mountain is an experience of a lifetime. From expert guides and instructors to the best camp facilities in the region, Mammoth Summer Camp is the perfect place for kids 8–15 to have big time summer fun, develop a love for the mountains, and challenge themselves in a healthy, supportive environment. 

Our camp offers a mix of mountain activities to choose from with plenty of traditional camp activities, games and team building. Campers can to do more of what they love by choosing a core track – like horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking and outdoor adventures, as well as science and technology. 


Camp Details

Age Groups 8–12 years  |  13–15 years
None. All levels of mountain experience welcome
Accommodations Tent cabins at historic Camp High Sierra
Includes All lodging, food, activities, gear, water bottle and camp t-shirt
Price $1,550
Deposit $150 required to reserve a space 

Referral/Sibling Discount

Save 10% for every camper you refer, including siblings. All referral discounts are applied to final payment on the first day of camp. Referred campers must be registered and paid in full on the first day of camp to qualify.

Choose Your Own Adventure with a Core Track

Choose Your Own Adventure with a Core Track

All campers have the ability to participate in the different track activities and many more. If they want to do mo more of what they love they can choose a core track for the week where they'll participate ~3 times in those specific activities during their camp period, and all other core activities only once. If your camper can't decide, there's plenty of time as you don't have to choose until the first day of camp. 

Track Options

Trail Rides, Lessons & Care

Biking, Climbing & Hiking

Ecology, Astronomy, Natural History & Wildlife Tracking

Find more details in the Activities below.

All activities are weather and conditions permitting. 

Track Options
Other Camp Activities

Other Camp Activities

Mammoth is a world-class outdoor recreation destination for a reason, and our campers get to experience it all. Check out the variety of activities available to your camper.

Mountain Biking

Our world-class lift-served bike park provides just the right amount of challenge, and all gear is included, from full-faced helmets, knee pads, gloves and top-of-the-line bikes from Trek. Whether mastering the terrain in our industry-leading Discovery Zone for beginner riders or challenging themselves on bigger trails and features, campers will find just the right balance of fun and skill-based learning from our seasoned instructors.

Mountain Horseback Adventure

After receiving expert riding instruction from professional cowboys, campers hit the trail for a true horseback adventure through the mountains with their guides. Check out Mammoth Lakes Pack Outfit for more information.

Rock Climbing

Whether ascending the artificial climbing wall at the Mammoth Adventure Center or climbing at one of the favorite local areas, campers will learn the rock climbing basics, including rope techniques with the safety of top rope routes and an experienced belayer to prevent falling. They will be challenged to push themselves beyond their perceived limits in a safe, fun, supportive teaching environment. The exhilaration of getting to the top of the wall is often a highlight of a camper's week. 


Campers cast their lines into the crystal clear waters of the Mammoth Lakes Basin and learn how to fish in some of the best fishing holes in the country.


Mammoth Lakes is home to hundreds of miles of stunning side and backcountry trails. Whether on bikes or on foot, Mammoth adventure campers will find themselves out on the trail daily.

Wilderness Camping

One afternoon each session, all campers go to Reds Lake to set up camp, pitch tents, and sleep under the stars on an overnight camping adventure.  Food, fire, games, and ghost stories are all part of this traditional camping experience. 

Paddle Boarding

During their overnight campout at Reds Lake, all campers have the opportunity to learn how to paddle board in clear blue mountain water.  This is a favorite activity of many campers!


Nothing beats swimming in mountain lakes and streams, and Mammoth campers have multiple opportunities during the week to cool off and play at our favorite mountain swimming holes. 

Zip Line & Bungee Trampoline

Campers take the ride of their lives on our 306-foot long zip line, then come in for a soft landing as they sail nearly 25 feet in the air on this safe and exhilarating apparatus. Our multi-station bungee trampoline is also a big hit with campers, safely allowing kids of all ages to bounce nearly 25 feet in the air to flip and perform gravity defying stunts.


Devils Postpile National Monument and the amazing 100 foot Rainbow Falls are a mere 10 minute drive from the Mammoth Adventure Center. Trips to see these natural marvels, gondola rides to the Eleven53 Interpretive Center at the summit of Mammoth Mountain, and short trips to other local attractions are possible elective activities during each camp session, depending on the interest of individual campers and the weather conditions.


All activities are weather and conditions permitting. Heavy snow years may impact access to sightseeing and camping locations.

Activity List
Why Summer Camp in Mammoth?

Why Summer Camp in Mammoth?

Mammoth Adventure Camp is the best opportunity for kids to experience the incredible environment of the High Sierra. With proximity to some of the great natural wonders of the western United States, complimented by world-class instructors and facilities, Mammoth Summer Camp is the perfect way for your child to enjoy a true mountain summer.

Our Backyard

Devil's Postpile, Rainbow Falls, and the Mammoth Lakes Basin just begin to scratch the surface – this region is blessed with so many famous geological features, natural wonders and scenic beauty, and our campers get the full experience.

Our Facilities

From our world-class bike park with beginner lifts and terrain perfect for progression to the Adventure Center and Eleven53 Interpretive Center, Mammoth provides the best facilities, equipment and access to summer adventure on the West Coast. When campers aren't sleeping under the stars, they're resting their heads in canvas tents on platforms at Mammoth Mountain's own Camp High Sierra.

Our Staff

Mammoth Summer Camp is directed by the same team that runs Mammoth's Ski & Snowboard School – one of the most successful youth programs in the country. Mentoring young people, coaching athletes of all abilities, and introducing beginners to the sheer awesomeness of mountain activities is what our staff does everyday of the year.

Our Commitment to Safety

Our #1 daily priority at Mammoth Mountain is safety. On any given day during the winter season, we have more professional safety experts on duty than other camps have people on staff, and our rigorous commitment to safety does not diminish during the summer season.

Additional Details
What to Bring

What to Bring

Summer weather in the Eastern Sierra is usually sunny, warm, and dry. However, weather in the mountains can change radically from day to day, and part of being a mountain adventure camper is being prepared for all activities and conditions.  Click the button below for a detailed list of what to bring to camp.


• Hiking shoes

• Skate shoes (if intending to skateboard)

• Sneakers or normal walking shoes

• Flip flops or house shoes

• Socks – 2 pairs for each day (just in case)

• Underwear for each day, plus extras

• 2 swim suits

• At least 1 pair of sturdy long pants for hiking, mountain biking and horse riding (mandatory for overnight camping)

• Shorts, dresses or jeans for casual, non-active activities.

• T-shirts  – short sleeve and long sleeve

• 2 sweaters/hoodies

• Water-proof warm jacket (it gets cold in the mountains at night so a jacket is essential, especially when camping)

• Rain poncho

• Pajamas

• 1 cap or sun hat

• 1 beanie or warm hat

• Sunglasses

• Gloves


• Backpack for hiking

• Camera (optional)

• Bug Spray

• Sunscreen

• Toothbrush

• Toothpaste

• Shampoo

• Medications

• Towel for swimming

• Sleeping bag (mandatory for overnight camping)

• Pillow (mandatory for overnight camping)

• Skateboard and helmet + safety equipment (if intending to skateboard)

• Fishing pole (optional, but if you want to use your own bring it along)

• Flashlight or headlamp

• Mountain bike safety equipment (helmets will be supplied, but if you want to bring your own you can)

• Extra money if you want to buy souvenirs

• Large water bottle or canteen

Packing List
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Tamara Bankson, Camp Director