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Sierra Star Golf Course - Hole 1Hole 1 | THUNDERBOLT 14,003'


After taking in the beauty of Mammoth Rock, the Sherwins and a few breaths of mountain air, it’s time to tackle Sierra Star’s opening hole. While its length might not be intimidating, trouble lurks on both the tee shot and approach of this downhill par 4. Remember to adjust your club selection for the altitude, which is usually 1–2 clubs. There’s a small creek in front of the green and difficult bunkering behind it, so watch your distance control. 

Trouble: Woods left of the fairway, back-right bunker, creek in front of the green.

Dave says: 
“Keep the driver in the bag and hit a long iron/hybrid. Fairway is paramount, and the mounds in the fairway can create a launch pad to attack the green.” 

Sweet View: From the back tees – Mammoth Rock and the Sherwins.

  • Par 4
  • Red: 263 yards
  • White: 293 yards
  • Blue: 325 yards
  • Black: 374 yards



Sierra Star Golf Course - Hole 2Hole 2 | BLOODY 12,558'


This short par 3 intimidates even the lowest handicappers with a forced carry over an environmentally sensitive area, an undulating green with a radical false front, and no room for bailout.

Trouble: Long can be big trouble with the green running away from you.

Dave says: “Punch a wedge to the middle of the green, take a few putts and run to the next tee with your tale between your legs.”

Interesting Tidbits:

-This hole gets more hole-in-ones than any other hole in the Eastern Sierra.
- During his course record 65, Dave Eberts double-bogeyed this hole. 

  • Par 3
  • Red: 73 yards
  • White: 81 yards
  • Blue: 89 yards
  • Black: 118 yards


Sierra Star Golf Course - Hole 3Hole 3 | Incredible Hulk 11,520'


Big hitters can aim a fade at the left fairway bunkers and run one up inside the 100 yard markers. The fairway is extremely wide in front of the bunkers from about 150–190 yards out; keep this in mind when trying to play it safe. Your approach shot will play shorter when the tailwind blows in the afternoon, so club down. A deep, narrow green with three bunkers awaits your approach.

Trouble: The right fairway bunker leaves an awkward distance along with a massive Juniper tree which resides between you and the green.

Dave says: “Many a long putt has been made from the gap in between the two greenside bunkers”

  • Par 4
  • Red: 328 yards
  • White: 360 yards
  • Blue: 370 yards
  • Black: 413 yards


Sierra Star Golf Course - Hole 4Hole 4 | BANNER 13,150'


If you can move the ball from right to left, sling one around the dogleg with a fairway wood or driver. If not, a long iron/hybrid should place you in the fat of the fairway with a 150–190 yard approach. Running the ball up is a great strategy if you’ve laid up, otherwise, sky one in there and walk away with a well-earned birdie.

Trouble: Prevailing winds tend to push shots long and into the large fairway bunker on the right or the ditch behind it.

Dave says: “Even though I play a fade, this hole is a great opportunity to turn one over.”

  • Par 4
  • Red: 329 yards
  • White: 367 yards
  • Blue: 404 yards
  • Black: 440 yards



golf_hole_05Hole 5 | WHITE WING 10,003'


If you play a fade, try to bend one around the corner. However, the trees on the right-side have knocked down thousands of shots, so the safe play is a layup to the middle. The approach is slightly uphill and usually into the wind. The greens here have a bit of grain running away from Mammoth Mountain, something to keep in mind while putting on this difficult 90’ piece of turf.

Trouble: Abundant trees right of tee and everything right or long-right on your approach will severely damage any chance at a par.

Dave says: “Focus is paramount on this difficult hole. I usually tell my group to quiet down for this one.”

Interesting Tidbit: Many eagles have been holed from the fairway on this “magical” par 4. Double rainbows, hawks, bears and local blues enthusiasts are common sightings.

  • Par 4
  • Red: 345 yards
  • White: 369 yards
  • Blue: 396 yards
  • Black: 424 yards




Sierra Star Golf Course - Hole 6Hole 6 | RED SLATE 13,140'


Grab your driver, swing fast and enjoy the ride on one of the more difficult holes in the Eastern Sierra. The fairway slopes to the right, so both tee and approach shots tend to leak away from the hole in that direction. The green is elevated, heavily guarded, and severely sloped from back to front. If you’re hitting more than a 7 iron in, consider laying up and leaning on your short game to see you through our #1 handicapped hole.

Trouble: Bunkering at the 100 and 50–60 yard areas mean it’s best to strategically place your layup.

Dave says: “It’s time to let the Big Dog eat!”

Interesting Tidbit: Originally designed as a par 5, this tough hole plays more like a 4.5 for most.
Sweet View: From the green looking back up the fairway – Pyramid Peak, Laurel Mt., Solitude Mt. and the Sherwins.

  • Par 4
  • Red: 371 yards
  • White: 403 yards
  • Blue: 438 yards
  • Black: 469 yards




Sierra Star Golf Course - Hole 7Hole 7 | BOUNDARY 13,146'


Finally, a reward for tackling the difficult stretch of holes you just played – a downhill, downwind par 3 with a fairly large green. If it’s afternoon and a breeze is present, reducing upwards of 3 clubs may be necessary. “I just hit a 180 yard 8 iron” will be your new Facebook status. 

Dave says: “My happy place. Before tournaments, I like to drive out to this hole and warm up with a few approach shots.”
Interesting Tidbit: Topped tee shots have a way of trundling up to the green, often giving the player a lucky chance at a birdie.

  • Par 3
  • Red: 145 yards
  • White: 160 yards
  • Blue: 177 yards
  • Black: 203 yards




Sierra Star Golf Course - Hole 8Hole 8 | DANA 13,061'


A reachable par 5 with a wide landing area off the tee framed by a fairway bunker to the right and a bear den to the left (no, really). Some things to consider when deciding whether to go for the green – the wind, side hill lie, the creek in front of the green, a narrow landing area, inescapable trees along the left-side, impossible downhill chip from the right… you got this.

Dave says: “Eagle or double bogey for me.”

Interesting Tidbit: Bears like to hangout in the culverts underneath the fairway and are sometimes seen playing in the lake.

Sweet View: From the tee and fairway – Laurel Mt. with the lake in the foreground.

  • Par 5
  • Red: 407 yards
  • White: 428 yards
  • Blue: 461 yards
  • Black: 525 yards




Sierra Star Golf Course - Hole 9Hole 9 | MORRISON 12,241'


Massive Jeffery pines frame the fairway, making aim a simple task. The ideal play is a little left-to-right down the left-side of the fairway, but keep in mind the predominant wind direction can push big fades into the woods on the right, or even worse, into the Divot Café. There are two levels to this green, so hit your approach to the level that coincides with the pin.

Dave says: “Make a quick birdie then grab a hot dog at the Divot. That’s what I do.”

Sweet View: From the green looking back up the fairway – Mammoth Crest.

  • Par 4
  • Red: 277 yards
  • White: 349 yards
  • Blue: 392 yards
  • Black: 423 yards





Hole 10Hole 10 | HUMPHREYS 13,986'


A long uphill par 5 that usually plays into the wind. Avoid the left-side rough if possible, as this area tends to grow in quite thick, requiring a pitch back to the fairway. As you approach the green, substantial bunkering lurks up the left-side and a few mounded carrot tops up the gut.

Dave says: “Laying up to your favorite wedge distance doesn’t sound fun, but it usually works.”

  • Par 5
  • Red: 422 yards
  • White: 455 yards
  • Blue: 492 yards
  • Black: 555 yards

Hole 11Hole 11 | WHITE 14,252'


A narrow downhill par 4 that typically plays downwind. There’s a creek bed on the right and trees on the left, making accuracy vital. The fairway narrows and steepens to the right past the 150 yard markers, so a shot just in front or behind them is ideal. Stay down and through on your approach shot – there’s a small pond awaiting errant shots to the right.

Dave says: “One of the flatter greens on the course, yet it always seems to give players fits. Very mysterious.”

Sweet View:
From the tee – White Mountain off in the distance. From the green looking back up the fairway – Mammoth Mountain.

  • Par 4
  • Red: 316 yards
  • White: 347 yards
  • Blue: 388 yards
  • Black: 437 yards

Hole 12Hole 12 | ESHA 12,283'


A drivable par 4 that screams for a high right-to-left shot around the large tree in the fairway. The green is well-protected on all sides with out-of-bounds on the left, so laying up (while boring) isn't the worst choice. A long iron or hybrid should put you near the 100 yard marker for your attack at the pin. This green is small with a ton of movement. The ridge in the middle can wreak havoc on approach shots that carry too far.

Trouble: Do not go left!

Dave says:
“Take note of the flag’s location – it should determine your strategy for this devilish par 4.”

Sweet View: From the tee – straight ahead is Rock Chute, a popular backcountry ski and snowboard line.

  • Par 4
  • Red: 235 yards
  • White: 273 yards
  • Blue: 284 yards
  • Black: 321 yards

Hole 13Hole 13 | LAUREL 11,818'


Uphill and usually into the wind, this hole demands solid shots. Hidden bunkers line the right-side, and a big hit can find the lake inside the 100 yard markers. The lay of the land and prevailing wind tend to push balls into the right-side bunker. This green is tilted from back to front and is two-clubs deep. While it doesn’t look intimidating, the front pin placement can be tricky.

Dave says: “Don’t even look right, you want nothing from that area. Like many of our holes, its widest point is at the 150 yard marker. Remember that, when choosing your club on the tee.”

Sweet View:
From the green – look back at Laurel Mt. and Mono Jim Peak, truly one of the most beautiful views on any course, anywhere.

  • Par 4
  • Red: 276 yards
  • White: 303 yards
  • Blue: 359 yards
  • Green: 409 yards
  • Black: 413 yards


Hole 14Hole 14 | CLYDE MINARET 12,270'


Slightly uphill and usually into the wind, this short par 3 plays longer than it looks. Course architect Cal Olson created a diabolical three-level green here, two of which fall severely off to the sides. A back left pin is your best chance at a straight putt. Going after a back right pin can bring disaster into the play.

Dave Says: “Don’t overthink yourself on this one. Play to the middle of the green and leave ‘Parwood’ with your head held high.”

  • Par 3
  • Red: 122 yards
  • White: 130 yards
  • Blue: 138 yards
  • Black: 190 yards


Hole 15Hole 15 | CARSON 10,909'


A strong right-to-left tee shot will leave you inside the 100 yard marker. If that shot is not in your arsenal, then a shorter club played towards the corner of the dogleg leaves a manageable approach shot over Buffalo Creek. Tee balls that carry too far and too straight will inevitably be swallowed by the “Pit of Despair” in the right trees.

Trouble: Unfortunately, all over. Trees to the left, the “Pit of Despair” on the right, and a creek fronting the green.

Dave says: “My favorite approach shot on the course. Just make sure you’re playing it from where you need to.”

  • Par 4
  • Red: 258 yards
  • White: 291 yards
  • Blue: 340 yards
  • Black: 380 yards



Hole 16Hole 16 | PYRAMID 11,679'


Take a deep breath and smell the wildflowers before taking on one of Sierra Star’s most challenging holes. The sharp dogleg right requires a left-to-right shot from the tee if you hit it far enough. Two massive bunkers guard the green, which you’re usually approaching with a long iron. There’s room to run your approach shot up the right-side of the green.  Short right is the best bail out, leaving a good chance to get up and down.

Trouble: Left, right, long and short. 

Dave Says: “Another favorite of mine which loves a butter cut up the middle and a high approach shot. Landing the ball in the fairway should be your priority.”

Sweet View:
From the tee – Pyramid Peak; from the fairway – Mammoth Crest.

  • Par 4
  • Red: 337 yards
  • White: 373 yards
  • Blue: 415 yards
  • Black: 443 yards


Hole 17Hole 17 | PIKA 11,762'


An intriguing par 4 with a small landing area and well-guarded green. Play a 200 yard shot down the left-side of the fairway and enjoy a mid-short iron approach to a triple-tiered green. Approach shots from the right side of the fairway are blind.  Get your ball be on the correct level, or pay the price.

Trouble: The right-side of the fairway is guarded by an environmentally sensitive area.

Dave says: “Make sure your putter is feeling good, it’s going to come in handy once you reach the green.”

Sweet View:  From the fairway – look up at Mammoth Mountain. If it’s early spring, you might be able to see some skiers/snowboarders enjoying The Dragon’s Back or Dave’s Run. 

  • Par 4
  • Red: 291 yards
  • White: 303 yards
  • Blue: 335 yards
  • Black: 365 yards



Hole 18Hole 18 | Mt. WOOD 12,657'


A medium-length par 3 guarded by bunkers and a lake to the right. Deer often move through the area, so keep an eye out for them. The green is fairly large and accepts well-struck shots. After holing out, take a look back at Mammoth Rock and the Sherwins. Pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming, then go to the Chip Shot Café, where a well-earned libation awaits.

Trouble: Water. 

Dave says: “Swing freely with purpose, if you hole one out come and find me – I’ll buy you a beer.”

  • Par 3
  • Red: 117 yards
  • White: 145 yards
  • Blue: 177 yards
  • Black: 215 yards




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