Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort

Course Layout



Sierra Star Golf Course - Hole 1Hole 1

A wonderful hole to begin with on your Sierra Star golfing experience. Moderate in length, but challenging due to fairway bunkers that come into play from the tee. A stream meanders peacefully in front of the green waiting to catch errant approach shots. An exquisite view of the Sherwin Range and Mammoth Rock complete this hole.

Smart Tips:

Driver may not be your best option.  Bunkers will capture wayward tee shots.  Club selection is critical at 8,000 feet.  Be sure to club down as you play your approach to this tightly guarded green.  Beware of the environmentally sensitive area short of the green.

  • Par 4
  • Red: 263 yards
  • White: 293 yards
  • Blue: 325 yards
  • Green: 364 yards
  • Black: 374 yards



Sierra Star Golf Course - Hole 2Hole 2

At first glance this hole appears deceptively easy. Upon further examination you will notice the well-bunkered false front green and extensive environmentally sensitive area that make this hole challenging for all abilities.

Smart Tips:

A short but challenging par three that requires all carry over another environmentally sensitive area.  Donët forget about the effects of altitude—club down!  The netting is behind the green for a reason.  The green is what gives this hole its character.  A false front and undulating surface requires you to take note of the flagstick location.

  • Par 3
  • Red: 73 yards
  • White: 81 yards
  • Blue: 89 yards
  • Green: 113 yards
  • Black: 118 yards

Sierra Star Golf Course - Hole 3Hole 3

This gentle dogleg right requires precision off the tee. The green is narrow and well-guarded with bunkers right and left and a serene mountain lake on the right.

Smart Tips:

An accurate tee shot is required to split the bunkers, leaving a mid-iron to a long narrow green. The approach is downhill and usually, with the prevailing winds, under clubbing is a must. Otherwise, the greenís grain will take the ball further than you desire.

  • Par 4
  • Red: 328 yards
  • White: 360 yards
  • Blue: 370 yards
  • Green: 408 yards
  • Black: 413 yards

Sierra Star Golf Course - Hole 4Hole 4

Now that you have your fade working, course architect Cal Olson challenges you to "turn one over" on this magnificent dogleg left. The tee overlooks a sweeping fairway that drops away below you and offers a wonderful view of Mammoth Knolls.

Smart Tips:

Now that you have your fade working, course architect Cal Olsen challenges you to ìturn one overî on this dogleg left.  Though you may not  feel the wind within the lodgepole pine enclave where the tee rests, it is often present.  The gentle breeze will encourage your ball to drift to the right on both the tee and approach shots.

  • Par 4
  • Red: 329 yards
  • White: 367 yards
  • Blue: 404 yards
  • Green: 434 yards
  • Black: 440 yards

golf_hole_05Hole 5

A slight dogleg right that calls for a lengthy tee shot from the back to reach the corner, but is still quite playable from forward tees. A stream follows you to the hole on the right. The forest lurks beyond waiting to catch misplayed tee shots. Bunkers are in play on the left and around the green making accuracy a premium.

Smart Tips:

A tee shot down the left-center of the fairway sets you up perfectly to mount your attack on the flagstick.  Wind and grain are again a consideration on the approach and in putting.  Both move away from Mammoth Mountain.

  • Par 4
  • Red: 345 yards
  • White: 369 yards
  • Blue: 396 yards
  • Green: 420 yards
  • Black: 424 yards

Sierra Star Golf Course - Hole 6Hole 6

A lengthy four par that stirs memories of the white faces of Marion. The fairway falls gently to the right - something to take into consideration at the tee. Cal Olson once again protects his green with a slew of bunkers that make run up shots improbable.

Smart Tips:

Time to let the big DOG eat!  This long par four has plenty of room on the right side of the fairway (the enviable position).  Leaving a mid to long iron to a large green which slopes severely  from back to front—keep your ball below the pin!

  • Par 4
  • Red: 371 yards
  • White: 403 yards
  • Blue: 438 yards
  • Green: 466 yards
  • Black: 469 yards

Sierra Star Golf Course - Hole 7Hole 7

A moderate downhill par 3, this green provides great challenges with its undulation and tiers. Be careful not to overshoot the green. The combination of altitude, elevation, and wind make this tee shot shorter than it appears.

Smart Tips:

This par three plays downhill, downwind, and downgrain.  These factors considered, a two club reduction is in order.  There are more pars made form the bunkers than from the trees beyond the green.

  • Par 3
  • Red: 145 yards
  • White: 160 yards
  • Blue: 177 yards
  • Green: 198 yards
  • Black: 203 yards

Sierra Star Golf Course - Hole 8Hole 8

A classic example of a "risk/reward" par 5. A decent tee shot will entice you into trying to reach the green in two. Be mindful of the creek in front of the green and the water to the left. If, however, your ball finds a watery grave, you can find solace in the breathtaking view of the Sherwin Range and Mammoth Crest.

Smart Tips:

This is a possible two-shot par five for the big hitters.  Aim your draw down the right side or the humped fairway will push the shot into the left rough.  This green has a great deal of depth – be mindful of club selection and pay attention to the flag location.  Shots to the back pin may go off the green if they are not high enough.

  • Par 5
  • Red: 407 yards
  • White: 428 yards
  • Blue: 461 yards
  • Green: 519 yards
  • Black: 525 yards

Sierra Star Golf Course - Hole 9Hole 9

Reminiscent of Sahalee, a narrow dogleg right lined with Jeffrey Pine and Lodgepole make this par 4 more challenging than it looks. Place your tee shot carefully, the second shot must pass through two of these magnificent trees which remind the football enthusiast among us of goalposts.

Smart Tips:

ìThe Goal Posts.î  Play your long iron or fairway wood to the left of the large Jeffery  Pine.  This hole does not favor a draw.  A straight shot sets up a mid to short iron to a deep green with a triple tier.

  • Par 4
  • Red: 277 yards
  • White: 349 yards
  • Blue: 392 yards
  • Green: 417 yards
  • Black: 423 yards



Hole 10Hole 10

A long uphill five par with a beautiful view of the Sherwin Range. For most of us it is a three-shot hole. Mounded carrot tops of rough and a slightly elevated green encourage a high, lofty approach shot.

Smart Tips:

Bring out the big wood again.  This long, uphill par five is reachable only by the biggest of big hitters.  The approach shot is deceptively uphill and usually into a breeze.  Three carrot tops of rough guard the front of the green making run-up shots improbable.

  • Par 5
  • Red: 422 yards
  • White: 455 yards
  • Blue: 492 yards
  • Green: 550 yards
  • Black: 555 yards

Hole 11Hole 11

A magnificent par 4 which faces the White Mountains. A gentle river meanders down the right side of the fairway and manifests itself into a greenside pond.

Smart Tips:

Woods on the left and a creek along the right call for a precise tee shot.  The approach plays downhill and downwind.  Grain will take all shots to the back of the green regardless of pin position.

  • Par 4
  • Red: 316 yards
  • White: 347 yards
  • Blue: 388 yards
  • Green: 432 yards
  • Black: 437 yards

Hole 12Hole 12

Though it may not appear to be daunting if you were to glance at the scorecard, this short par 4 promises to challenge golfers of all abilities. A large tree placed on the left center of the fairway makes an accurate tee shot a must. Your approach shot may not be lengthy, but typical of shorter par four's, the green is full of movement and reminiscent of a postage stamp.

Smart Tips:

A short but devilish par four.  Hit your long iron or fairway wood to the right of the large Jeffery Pine.  This will leave an approach of about 100 yards.  Play to the front  third of the green.  A large hump in the center of the green will carry all long shots off into the rough beyond.

  • Par 4
  • Red: 235 yards
  • White: 273 yards
  • Blue: 284 yards
  • Green: 317 yards
  • Black: 321 yards

Hole 13Hole 13

A slightly uphill hole which usually plays directly into the prevailing wind. Bunkers line the right side of the fairway and water comes into play on the approach shot. This hole has some of the most spectacular views on the golf course. A look back from the green to the tee offers a view of Laurel and Bloody Mountains.

Smart Tips:

A well struck fairway wood will carry to the 150 stakes.  The wind blows left to right and into your face on this hole.  The woods to the right gobble up errant fades.  Consider a hidden water hazard to the short right of the green as you play your approach.  The green is two tiered, two clubs deep.  The wind will punish all but the purest of approach shots forcing them short and to the right.

  • Par 4
  • Red: 276 yards
  • White: 303 yards
  • Blue: 359 yards
  • Green: 409 yards
  • Black: 413 yards

Hole 14Hole 14

A medium length par 3 with an undulating green nestled between an array of deep bunkers. A conservative tee ball to the left side of the green is a prudent play.

Smart Tips:

A medium length par three that is tactically surrounded by  a bevy of bunkers.  The green possesses a tremendous amount of movement—be mindful not to go for a ìsucker pin.

  • Par 3
  • Red: 122 yards
  • White: 130 yards
  • Blue: 138 yards
  • Green: 186 yards
  • Black: 190 yards

Hole 15Hole 15

Don't be misled by its apparent innocuous length. The fairway falls gently and curves to the left making a draw the ideal shot. Your approach shot must traverse Buffalo Creek, which yet again places a premium on club selection.


Smart Tips:

Unless you have an ìon callî draw, keep the lumber in your bag!  This hole begs for a long to mid iron down the center, leaving a shortish approach to a two tiered green over Buffalo Creek.  Long tee shots will be engulfed by the ìGully of Despairî along the right side of the fairway.

  • Par 4
  • Red: 258 yards
  • White: 291 yards
  • Blue: 340 yards
  • Green: 375 yards
  • Black: 380 yards


Hole 16Hole 16

Breathe in the scent of the magnificent array of wildflowers that surround the teeing ground before hitting your drive on this sharp dogleg right - one of Sierra Star's most challenging holes.

Smart Tips:

Take a long, deep inhalation of the fragrant wildflowers before addressing your tee shot.  This par four is one of Sierra Starís most challenging holes.  A sharp dogleg right leaves a long approach to the well-guarded green.

  • Par 4
  • Red: 337 yards
  • White: 373 yards
  • Blue: 415 yards
  • Green: 438 yards
  • Black: 443 yards


Hole 17Hole 17

An intriguing par 4 with a small landing area and well-guarded green. A mid to long iron off the tee leaves a short approach shot. A native area protects the right side of the fairway from tee to green.

Smart Tips:

The placement of your tee shot is critical.  Discretion is the better part of valor—leave the driver in the bag and play a 200 yard shot down the left side of the fairway.  This leaves a short approach to a maniacal green with considerable movement.

  • Par 4
  • Red: 291 yards
  • White: 303 yards
  • Blue: 335 yards
  • Green: 362 yards
  • Black: 365 yards


Hole 18Hole 18

An apropos finish for this incredibly scenic golf course. Water looms on the right and bunkers abound, but the actual green is quite large and receptive to well-struck golf shots. As you hole your last putt be sure to gaze back at Mammoth Rock and take a moment to revel in the beauty that was your Sierra Star golf experience.

Smart Tips:

Water on the right, beach bunkers and bunkers surround the green.  By now you will have grown accustomed to the downwind, down grain syndrome.  Consider this when choosing your weapon.

  • Par 3
  • Red: 117 yards
  • White: 145 yards
  • Blue: 177 yards
  • Green: 209 yards
  • Black: 215 yards