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September 22


That's a Wrap

The Mammoth Bike Park is closed, thanks to everyone that rode with us this summer. While it was a short season, it was an awesome one. We're already planning for summer 2020, hope to see everyone then.

September 19


Video: Richie Rude highlight reel from his visit to the Mammoth Bike Park.

Going Out With a Bang

The last day for summer shredding is this Sunday, Sept 22, and it’s going be all-time after an inch of snow fell overnight. That snow will melt into the dirt and make for some of the best riding conditions of the season. It’s been an awesome season and we hope you’ve been able to get after it on the dirt – whether it was a cruise on Downtown, a chuck off the Flow drop or a PR on Bearing Straights, there were countless fun times had out in the park this season and we’re already looking forward to 2020. 

Our trail crew has been putting in a ton of work on this two-way trail armoring a number of spots with natural rock from the area. Soft berms have been transformed into ripping arcs of volcanic firmness.

Don't forget about your special fun day on Sept 21. We'll close down the season with a thank you party for you – our loyal riders – complete with giveaways, discounted food and drinks, music and a raffle for a free 2020 Mammoth Bike Park Pass. 

Check Out the Event Details

September 12


Video: POV of Red Bull athlete Richie Rude smashing DC-10 into little pieces.

Late Summer Super Soil

Rain last week plus cooler temps this week have made for the summer’s best soil. Now is the time to get out there and get after these awesome conditions before the last day of the season on Sept 22. 

We love the climb up and around Reds Lake on Beach Cruiser, but this trail is even more fun when accessed from Off the Top. While there's still a smidgen of uphill to pedal, Beach Cruiser downhill has some of the best flow on the mountain.

Don't forget about your special fun day on Sept 21. We'll close down the season with a thank you party for you – our loyal riders – complete with giveaways, discounted food and drinks, music and a raffle for a free 2020 Mammoth Bike Park Pass. 

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September 5


Video: Cody Underkoffler and Cody Neuman absolutely terrorizing Chain Smoke.

Hero Dirt

The past 2 days we're received some afternoon rainstorms that transformed our volcanic soil into a tacky, rippable surface we refer to as “hero dirt.”

This trail will reopen on Saturday after our trail crew reshapes the off-camber root section into a rock garden and s-turn armored with pavers. It will reopen on Saturday.

As a way of thanking you for sending it down the dirt the dirt with us this summer, we're throwing you a special RAD day of fun on Sept 21. Highlights include giveaways, discounted food and drinks on the Yodler deck, music by DJ Rodneyo and a raffle for a free 2020 Mammoth Bike Park Pass.

Check Out the Event Details

August 29


Video: POV of Velociraptor by Red Bull athlete Aaron Gwin.

It's Prime Time

Our trail crew has been hard at work ensuring all 80+ miles of our singletrack are primed for your next session in the park. Late summer is one of the best times to ride the bike park, so get up here and enjoy it. 

Starting with a 180 degree downturn off of Brake Through this trail has it all. Rock gardens? Check. Jumps? Check. Flow, berms, a wallride and a few technical sections? Oh yeah – Boomerang is a smorgasbord of all the things we love to ride.

This pro line trail has it all; after you peel off of Brake Through the trail starts off on a steep ridge then quickly dives into one of the more technical rock gardens on the mountain. Maintain your focus through it as it ends in a mandatory drop at the bottom. Following the rock garden the trail dives in and out of a few gullies and makes its way down to the jump section next to the bottom of Chair 5. These features require some speed so hopefully you haven't spent all of your energy up top. After a short break while paralleling the summer road DC-10 then drops into an awesome section of trail and one of our favorites. A few rollers lead into a rock feature which can be ridden a few different ways but all end with a ton of speed and the loose turns this section is known for. There's a small drop at the very end of the trail, a cherry on top of another Mammoth Bike Park masterpiece.

August 22

Video: A look at all things awesome in the bike park. Enjoy!

100% Open

After meticulously raking, sweeping and rebuilding every foot of our 80+ miles of singletrack we can now say our bike park is 100% open. We rebuilt Jill’s Jumps this week and they’re riding as good as ever. Trail crew has also been working on Midtown, Skid Marks and Velocity. This week's free VCDH race takes place on Velocity – battle down the Hillary Step, Velocity Rock Spine and the rest of the trail then enjoy some post-race banter over discounted food and drink at The Yodler.

This fun jump line is accessed from lower Velocity. Wind conditions are usually ideal in the morning. Once the SW wind starts in the afternoon they can be a challenge.

Trail crew spent a few days dialing in this expert-level trail. Velocity has a few classic sections which should not be missed:

  • The Hillary Step – Over a dozen odd-shaped stairs lead you into a chunky rock section and a small drop onto a wooden landing.

  • The Velocity Rock Spine – What looks like a half-buried dinosaur is actually one of the most enjoyable rock features on the mountain. Not as steep as most but still extremely committed, the best line follows the top of the ridge and leads to a small set of rocks that can be rolled or jumped.

  • Midtown Over/Under – Velocity crosses Midtown on a really cool wooden over/under. It can be hit as a table or rolled but hold on for the exit as it is fast with a couple really cool little step-downs. 

August 15

Video: Quick look at Boomerang, an advanced-level trail off of Brake Through.

Midtown Opens This Saturday

Our intermediate trail offering from McCoy Station has been refurbished and will open this Saturday. Starting out with 22 berms, Midtown then flows into a section of trail we call "Knee Deep"  an absolute blast featuring smooth rollers and fast, wide corners. Follow the trail all the way down to Main Lodge or hop on one of our rowdier options - Chain Smoke or Velocity which both peel off down towards Main Lodge. Velociraptor, our most difficult trail, also opens Saturday.

Access this pro line trail by riding Skid Marks to the "Roma's Road" cutoff. Pedal/hike up and over the top of High Five Express [Chair 5] then down to the saddle below the ski run Climax. From there it's a steep hike up to the top of Face Lift Express [Chair 3] and the beginning of the trail. Velociraptor is no joke – incredibly steep and exposed, this trail requires full commitment.  

Trail crew spent 3 days dialing in this pro line trail. Fast and chunky from the start, this trail is defined by a few classic sections:

  • The Bullet Rock Garden – This 150-foot long rock garden keeps you on your toes as there are multiple line options to choose from, and a 5-foot drop at the very end.
  • The Heart of Darkness – After flying across an open ski run, the trail makes its way into a dark forest and a number of chunky rock drops. The A-line heads rider's left off a small double drop. It's tight in this forest, so beware.
  • The Elevator Shaft – An optional line at the very bottom of the trail – it's a steep, loose chute that drops straight down to Canyon Lodge. 

August 8


Video: Join Trek Dirt Series coaches Candace Shadley and Laurie Citynski for a course preview of this week's VCDH course, Flow.

Seven Bridges Now Open

When trail crew arrived at Seven Bridges last month they found 4 of those bridges had collapsed under the immense winter snowpack. We are stoked to announce that the bridges have been fixed, the trail is in awesome shape and its now open. Gravy Train opens Friday and Off the Top is now 100% open.

Winding through a beautiful natural drainage this trail is named after the (you guessed it) 7 bridges that cross Dry Creek as you make your way down towards either Uptown or Downtown. Uniquely Mammoth, this is also one of our favorite trails.


Connecting Off the Top and Kamikaze to Bearing Straights and the frontside of the mountain Gravy Train is a connector trail not to be overlooked. Carved out of the face of the Paranoids ski chutes this trail is another Mammoth bike park, high alpine gem of a trail.

One of our most famous trails is like an 8-mile long intermediate pump trail flowing from the top of Mammoth Mountain's 11,053' summit. Now 100% open.    

August 1


Video: Cody Newman and Cody Underkofler SHREDDING Twilight Zone and Pipeline.

Skid Marks and Chair 2

 Peeling off of the southern summit of Mammoth Mountain, Skid Marks is exposed, technical, incredibly scenic and now open. Stump Alley Express (CH 2) will open for mountain bikes starting this Friday-Sunday through Labor Day weekend. Hot Laps down Velocity and through Twilight Zone are now a reality. Other trails opening on Saturday are Techno Rock, White Bark, Bearing Straights, Beach Cruiser, Mountain View and the Skills Park.

With two of the most technical airs in the park this trail is Pro Line for a reason.


This trail has a few different faces – rocky and exposed up top it transitions into some of the flowiest singletrack on the mountain once you get into the trees.

Starting off with a few small jumps this trail is fast and a ton of fun. White Bark is a great entry into our Advanced rated trails and is similar in difficulty to Shotgun. 

July 25


Video: Red Bull athlete Carson Storch handling business on  the Pro Line trail Chain Smoke.

Shred From McCoy

Starting this Saturday, you can send it from mid-mountain as several trails out of McCoy Station will be opening just in time for the weekend. Ride the gondola up for access to Brake Through and Follow Me, which take you down towards Canyon Lodge. Canyon Express [Chair 16] will be running Friday–Sunday through Labor Day weekend, granting mid-mountain access on the south side of the mountain. More trails to rally this weekend are Velocity, Twilight Zone and Chain Smoke, offering expert and pro-level riders some steep and rowdy terrain to ride

Steep, fast with enough tech to really keep you on your toes. Sections like "The Hillary Step" and the "Velocity Rock Spine" leave little doubt to why this trail is rated Expert.


Accessed from Velocity, this is the home of the "Concrete Jungle", a 1/4 mile section of trail entirely armored with pavers. Berms, jumps and step downs are there for you to absolutely rip through on the grippy paver surface.

From the get-go this trail is rowdy, with one of the most difficult rock gardens on the mountain within the first couple hundred feet (you can see this mess of rock right underneath the gondola before you enter McCoy Station). After that, you'll be met with a series of steep, rocky sections such as "The Waterfall" and "The Monkey Wrench." This is a Pro Line for good reason. 

July 18


Video: Cody Neuman and John Marquez flying down lower Twilight Zone.

More Lift Access

Chair 16 will be opening Saturday, July 20, offering access to trails on the south-side of the mountain, such as Brake Through, Flow, Follow Me, Bullet, Pipeline and Boomerang. Our trail crew has been busy adding to our existing open trails, and getting several more open.

Additional Mileage

More of Off the Top has opened, offering 3x more trail than was available last week. You can now cruise down from the summit to Hydraulic Corner, where you'll be able to hop on Kamikaze down to Main Lodge.

For you pedal enthusiasts, Uptown will be 100% open all the way to Main Lodge by Friday, July 19.

New Open Trails

RICHTER – Open now with access from the Discovery Chair [11] or Lower Kamikaze

July 10


Video: Our Discovery Zone is now open, take a spin down Explorer and Adventure trails.

Gondola Now Open for Mountain Bikes

Off the Top is now open to the Kamikaze intersection. Kamikaze is also open as is Shock treatment, a rowdy Pro Line trail accessed from Kamikaze.

On the southern side of the mountain Manzanita is now open completing the Paper Route – Manzanita loop, a favorite among our local XC contingency.  

One of the most scenic mountain bike trails in North America is now open to the Kamikaze intersection. We'll be on the rest of the trail over the next few weeks with hopes of getting it open in its entirety by July 21.

Access to the bottom 1/3 of Pipeline is now possible from Paper Route. From this point on the trail there are 9 jumps before the bottom of Chair 4 where you can hop on either Shotgun or Smooth Operator.

Paper Route to Manzanita is now open providing a spectacular cross country loop. This is also a popular loop for Ebikes which if you haven't tried are a blast. There is a beautiful lookout into the Lakes Basin on the far end of this trail, if you're in the area don't miss it.

July 3


Video: Cody Neumann showcasing some smooth moves on Smooth Operator.

Chairlift Access Now Available

Our industry-leading beginner area, Discovery Zone, is now ready to ride. Discovery, Adventure and Explorer trails are now open with uphill access on the Discovery Chair  [11] now spinning daily 9AM–5PM. All of Downtown is now rideable, so take some laps from Main Lodge down to The Village, and return via the Bike Park Shuttle that runs daily from 9AM–5:30PM.

After plowing through upwards of 8 feet of snow, we were able to get Discovery, Adventure and Explorer trails open today. Whether you're cruising with the fam, warming up for a big day in the park or simply enjoying the short lift and fun trails, the Discovery Chair [11] now offers access to this beginner's paradise.

Now open in its entirety from Main Lodge to The Village.

June 27


Video: World Cup ruler Aaron Gwin cruising down Twilight Zone which will hopefully be opening in two weeks.

South Side Open for Business

Gopher Trail opened on Tuesday providing access to the top of Big Ring and a portion of Paper Route, which gets you over to the southern-side of the mountain. You can also now ride a little higher up on Bullet (via Gopher Trail) from the “House Jump.” Timber Ridge is also now open offering access to Juniper.

Only a section of the trail is currently open from Gopher Trail to Timber Ridge.

More trail is open now from the "House Jump" down to Canyon Lodge. This section is filled with jumps, drops and high speed turns. Access is the trail via Gopher Trail.

June 20

Video: Fun lap down Shotgun with local California Enduro Series racer, Courtney Short.

More Trails, More Fun

Daytime highs have been in the mid-70s helping to melt the snowpack at a rapid rate, allowing us to open more trails just in time for the weekend. With these warmer temps, it shouldn't be long before we are able to expand our trail offerings to the southern-side of the mountain.

Lower Big Ring opened today, June 20, providing another green (easiest) trail for those looking to find their flow on some of our less intimidating trails. Access will be via the connector trail off of Downtown, just below the Downtown reststop. 


Cross-country lovers, rejoice. Uptown will open Friday morning, June 21, from the F shuttle stop.

If you're looking to open up the travel on your bike, lower Bullet will be open by Saturday, June 22. To access the trail, ride the fire road from the top of Smooth Operator over to Bullet, then get ready to get rowdy.

June 12


Video: Is there anything more fun than slashing down a trail with your friends?

Opening This Weekend

Spring 2019 was unusually cold and wet, throwing a big wrench in our efforts to open the bike park in May. With huge thanks to our trail crew and some much needed sunshine, we plan to open this Saturday, June 15, with access to 3 trails from shuttle stop F – Shotgun, Smooth Operator and Downtown. The Bike Park Shuttle will be running from The Village.

It all begins here. Always the first trail to open in the bike park, Downtown is an absolute blast winding from shuttle stop F all the way down to The Village. Yes it's perfect for beginners, but it's also a blast for more advanced riders to warm up, cool down or just cruise on.

Fast, flowy and usually our first advanced-level trail to open for the season. On top of being a super fast racetrack, Shotgun also has fun side hits, features, bumps and jumps to keep freestyle enthusiasts happy.

With step-downs, step-ups, hips, berms, bonks and a massive wooden berm to drop Smooth Operator is a freestyle rider's paradise.