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Mammoth Bike Park

The Premier Bike Park in the U.S.

With some of the most radical terrain in the country, 80+ miles of singletrack offering plenty of jumps, berms and drops to feast on, Mammoth is the biggest, baddest and best bike park in the U.S. Our beginner-friendly Discovery Zone is the best place to learn and is specifically designed to make progression easy. The rugged geology of the Eastern Sierra combined with natural and man-made features – like step-ups, wall-rides and pavers – delivers the ultimate high-alpine riding experience. Check out our Weekly Bike Report for what's new out in the bike park.

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Terrain for All Abilities

Terrain for All Abilities

Starting with the Discovery Zone, we cover every rider ability level on the spectrum. Wide, smooth and easily lappable, the trails in this area really are some of the most fun on the mountain. From there you can work your way through the plethora of intermediate trails that wind and flow their way through every nook and cranny on the the hill. What about the gnarly stuff? Technical downhill trails, flowy, freeride trails and unique combinations of the 2 make for some of the best advanced and expert riding in the country.

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First Timers, Beginners & Beyond

If you're new to mountain biking, The Discovery Zone is the place to start. This is an area dedicated to helping you progress with a smile on your face.

Iconic Trails

We are proud of all our trails, but here are a few that seem to have developed a bit of a cult following.

Off The Top (intermediate)

Prepare for a visual onslaught as soon as you roll out of the upper gondola. The Mammoth Crest, Minarets, Mt. Ritter and Banner Peak will all be vying for your eyes’ attention, so pull off to the side and take it all in. There’s no better view in mountain biking.

Pipeline (expert)

Dirt jumps, wooden ramps, berms, trestles, gaps and an awesome step-up jump make for a feature-laden venture through the forest. Learn how to whip out your tail, manual over rollers and get a feel for air time.

Skid Marks (expert)

Peeling off the southern ridge of the mountain is a steep, rocky trail with switchbacks across the top to Gold Hill. If you’re feeling up to it, hammer the 3,100 feet from the top of the mountain all the way down to Juniper Springs Resort.

Kamikaze (expert)

This is where it all began. Since 1987 riders have been barreling down the 2,000 vertical foot fire road from the summit to Main Lodge.

Best of Cross-Country

There's a reason Mammoth has the reputation of a world-class, pedal-friendly mountain. Grab a few gel packs, fill your water bottles and give these classics a try.

Beach Cruiser (intermediate)

This four-mile intermediate loop starts with some great climbing through large lodgepole pines, then loops around beautiful Reds Lake before a long roller coaster ride back to the Adventure Center.

Paper Route / Manzanita Loop (intermediate)

A locals' favorite and a great place to “lap-out.” This rolling loop has incredible diversity: fast downhills, technical sections and even a few switchbacks to climb up on the far end.

Brake Through (intermediate)

Climb up towards mid-mountain and connect to trails like Flow, Lincoln Express, Ricochet and Seven Bridges.

Bearing Straits & Gravy Train (intermediate)

Fast and flowy at the start, then climb up above the treeline and on to the massive expanse underneath the Paranoid Flats ski chutes. Accessed via Beach Cruiser.

Pro & Experts Only

Mammoth is a downhiller's paradise, so grab your full face helmet, some body armor, a big bike and get ready to send it. 

Chain Smoke (pro)

Starting with one of the most technical rock gardens on the mountain, which also happens to be right underneath the gondola – this trail is going to put your skills, and suspension to the test. Keep an eye out for "the Waterfall", a near vertical chunk of rock midway down the trail.

Velocity (pro)

Fast and varied, this technical trail tempts you to let off those brakes.

Techno Rock (pro)

Just like the name implies, this is a technical, steep trail loaded with mandatory airs and rock rides. Get a look at the rock-to-wood and rock-to-dirt step downs visible from the lower Panorama Gondola.

Bullet (pro)

Starting from the top of Canyon Express (Chair 16) this trail is full-on from start to finish. Highlights include the "Bullet Rock Garden", "Heart of Darkness" and "Elevator Shaft".

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Popular Bike Park Features

Popular Bike Park Features

With over 3,500 acres on Mammoth Mountain, there are some awesome man-made and natural features all over the place. Check out a few of the crowd pleasers. 

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The Drop on Flow

 In the middle of Flow there's a steep section of loose trail that leads you straight to a wooden step down that allows you to drop 5 or 25 ft. You don't need much speed, but make sure you lift up and stay off the brakes – nose dives are common.

The Monkey Wrench on Chain Smoke

Towards the bottom of Chain Smoke you'll find a hoot of a stepdown/rock ride with a wooden landing. The takeoff is not totally defined, so cleaning this one deserves a small fist pump.

Deep End on Twilight Zone

This raised wooden berm offers a smooth, albeit slightly intimidating right-hand turn begging to be railed at speed.

Monolith on Pipeline

This large wooden up-and-over begs to be hit at speed after coming off some fun little doubles. Get ready to pull some G’s through the right-hand turn below the landing.

The Bus Stop on Techno Rock

This large rock-to-wood drop requires some speed and commitment. Plenty of airtime is available if you can navigate the slightly off-camber takeoff.

Thing One and Thing Two on Pipeline

Pipeline has 2 large gaps at the top of the trail. Both are wooden takeoffs that have a mellow (blue) side. For the first gap, you’re going to need to carry some speed off of Flow and pedal around the blind corner, which will put you right in front of a perfect takeoff requiring a ton of air – this is Thing One. It's advisable to hit the blue side first to get used to the run-in. Thing Two comes soon after and is a step-up with two sides. The gap side (black) requires speed, but again, the blue side can be ridden over and offers allows you to work your way up to its bigger brother next to it. 

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Learn to Mountain Bike

Learn to Mountain Bike

The Discovery Zone is the best place to learn in the country. It is the only area on the mountain dedicated 100% to progression for riders of all ages. With 3 beginner trails, an intermediate trail, a Skills Park and a beginner-friendly lift, the learning experience at Mammoth is beyond compare. Smooth trails, berms lined with cement pavers and gradual slopes are what to expect in this truly extraordinary area that is perfect for riders of all abilities.

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Pioneer Practice Loop

Learning is fun and fast when you take advantage of this quarter-mile loop created specifically for you to get used to your equipment and cycling on dirt. Small berms, widely spaced rocks, a series of small rollers and a short bridge introduce new riders to some of the terrain they’ll encounter out in the park. 

Discovery Trail

Discover how fun mountain biking can be on this easy beginner trail. Smooth trail surfaces and limited terrain features make this the ideal trail for the first timer to expand on the skills learned on the Pioneer Practice Loop.

Adventure Trail

More challenges and two-wheeled adventures unfold on the Adventure Trail, where you’ll find both dirt and paver berms, small rollers and an increased trail pitch. This trail ends with a series of dirt berms that could be one of the most enjoyable experiences on two wheels.

Explorer Trail

Step up your game a bit with small jumps, tighter paver berms and a steeper grade. This trail also accesses our new-and-improved Skills Park.

Skills Park

This area of the Discovery Zone introduces bikers to small drops, bridges, rollers, berms and jumps. With multiple-sized features, the Skills Park is a fun and easy way to improve your bike handling and prepare you for some of the larger man-made features through out the rest of the park. 


Discovery Chair (11) operates for uphill travel only and guests can hike or bike back to the Adventure Center from the top of the chairlift.

Discovery Zone Trails


Mammoth Bike Park FAQs

What is your address?

10001 Minaret Rd, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546.

What protection equipment do I need to ride the park?

We recommend a full face helmet, knee and elbow pads, sturdy shoes, gloves, eye protection & sunscreen.

What ability levels do you have trails for?

Our trail network offers something for beginners through professionals. Starting with the Discovery Zone and ending with Velociraptor, there truly is something for everyone. 

Can my kids ride the park?

We have industry leading beginner terrain in our Discovery Zone and offer world-class instructors as part of our lesson program.

What type of bike do I need?

Most of our trail network is well-suited for a current enduro (5"+ of travel) full suspension mountain bike. However, some of our Expert and Pro-Line trails require a full DH (8" of travel) mountain bike.

Do I ride down the ski runs?

No. We created a trail network designed specifically for mountain biking. Many of our trails do intersect or follow ski runs though. Ever wonder what Stump Alley or Broadway look like without any snow? Now's your chance.

Are e-bikes allowed?

Yes, class 1 pedal assist e-bikes are allowed on all of our mountain bike trails. Riders must follow the same rules as those on normal mountain bikes. 

What time are lessons available?

Lessons are available at 10AM & 1:30PM for all ability levels. For more lesson info check out our mountain bike lesson page.

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