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Introducing the Mammoth + Summit Bike Park Pass

Two of the best Bike Parks in the US have teamed up and are offering one pass that will allow you unlimited access to over 90 miles of singletrtrack. Starting at $325 for winter pass holders, this is going to be the best thing to happen to your riding since the 27.5" wheel. 
Call 800.MAMMOTH to buy now!

 -Mammoth Bike Park opens for full operations on 
June 12.  We will open  the lower mountain for Memorial Day weekend  with shuttle access from The Village to Main Lodge. 
-Snow Summit opening day is May 8.

Two-Wheel Fun for Everyone

Mammoth Mountain Bike Park offers terrain for every ability level, boasting 3,500 acres and over 80 miles of single track. We offer the best beginner experience in the industry with the Discovery Zone, miles and miles of forested intermediate trail riding and are the leaders in building diverse and creative gravity fed DH and all-mountain expert and pro level trails. 

Our Bike Park blankets all of Mammoth Mountain and more, with access to the Lakes Basin to the south and miles of USFS roads and trails to the north. Start your two-wheeled expedition at the Adventure Center (adjacent to Main Lodge), where you’ll find tickets, rentals and demos, lessons, repairs and retail.

From the Adventure Center, you’ll be able to access beginner terrain on Discovery Chair or take the Gondola to the mid-station or summit for intermediate and advanced terrain. Feel free to ask our bike rangers and retail personnel about the experience you’re looking for; this crew knows every one of our 3,500 acres by heart!


Terrain for Every Level

Terrain for Every Level

Mammoth's bike park offers a variety of terrain suitable for every level of rider, categorized into multiple levels from beginner trails to our pro level lines.  


Beginner Terrain

If you’re new to mountain biking, we recommend a lap around the Pioneer Practice Loop. This first-of-its-kind trail is a simple lap around the Adventure Center that uses educational signage to teach you the right way to ride, while introducing some of the fun elements you’ll find on our trail system. Once you start getting the hang of it, take a ride up the Discovery Chair to the Discovery Zone. Here, you’ll enjoy a handful of trails built just for first-timers, helping you to progress and enjoy the sport more and more with each short chair ride. Downtown would be the final step in graduating from a beginner to an intermediate and is an incredible tour down the mountain to The Village.


Intermediate Terrain 

Mammoth’s intermediate terrain is as vast as our name would imply. At the easier end of the intermediate spectrum, Uptown and Big Ring are long, winding trails through the forest that give you the option of a lung-searing climb or a gentle downhill cruise. A scenic descent from the summit can be enjoyed via Off the Top, where you’ll enjoy expansive views of the Eastern Sierra the whole way down. Slightly more difficult intermediate terrain can be found on Juniper, Brake Through, Beach Cruiser and the many more trails found on the trail map. 



Advanced/Expert/Pro Level Terrain

Mammoth has been and still is the leader in the world of gravity fed downhill awesomeness. Relive the history of the Kamikaze, a blazingly fast dirt fire road dropping from the top of the mountain 2,000 vertical feet down to Main Lodge in only 3 miles. Want to compare yourself to the world's best? Spin a few laps on the Bullet DH, site of the National Downhill Championships in July and the Pro GRT DH Championships in September. Is freestyle your cup of tea? We've got you covered with trails like Pipeline, Recoil and the Twilight Zone. Newcomers to downhill mountain biking should start with trails like Recoil, Shotgun, White Bark and Richter. Our Bike Park Rangers at The Village Shuttle Stop or Adventure Center would be more than happy to point you to the trails that suit your ability level. 


Iconic Trails

Iconic Trails

We are proud of all our trails but there are a few that seem to have developed a bit of a cult following. If you have the skills then these trails should not be missed!

  • Kamikaze (Expert): Where it all began, since 1987 riders have been barreling down the 2,000 vertical feet of fire road from the summit to Main Lodge. 

  • Twilight Zone (Expert): We have so much fun in this place during the winter we decided to carve the berms out, throw some pavers on them and create a truly unique trail. The Deep End and jump line at the bottom help to make this one of best trails ever.

  • Pipeline (Expert): Our trail crew built some incredible features that are expertly incorporated into the natural terrain, earning this relative newcomer the "iconic" title with ease. Dirt jumps, wooden ramps, berms, trestles, gaps and an awesome step-up jump make for a feature laden adventure through the forest. Learn how to whip out your tail, manual over rollers and get a real feel for air time.

  • Off the Top (Intermediate): Prepare for a visual onslaught as soon as you roll out of the upper gondola. The Mammoth Crest, Minarets, Mt. Ritter and Banner Peak all will be vying for your eyes’ attention, so pull off to the side and take it all in, there's no better view in cycling.


Miles and miles of forested singletrack await the endurance enthusiast in all of us. With the beauty of the Eastern Sierra's as your backdrop, you might even forget the difficulty of pedaling uphill at 9,000 feet. Mammoth has hosted cross-country and endurance events for years and continues its reputation as a world class pedal friendly mountain. Grab a few gel packs, fill your water bottles up and give these classics a try:

  • Beach Cruiser: This four mile intermediate loop starts with some great climbing through large lodge pole pines, and then loops around beautiful Reds Lake before a long roller coaster ride back to the Adventure Center.

  • Mountain View: Catch this oft overlooked gem from the Shortcut/Beach Cruiser junction and prepare for some breathtaking views. Either meet back up with Beach Cruiser or continue across Minaret Rd. for a big loop on forest service land back to the earthquake fault and then downtown trail. (Having a USFS map recommended)

  • Paper Route/Juniper/Manzanita: A local’s favorite and the course for the 24/8 Endurance Race. This rolling loop has incredible diversity: fast downhills, technical sections and even a few switchbacks to climb up on the far end.

  • Uptown: One of the most enjoyable ways to climb 800’ on two wheels.

  • Brake Through: An opportunity to climb up towards mid-mountain and link up with trails like Flow, Lincoln Express, Ricochet and Seven Bridges.

Derailed Zone

Derailed Zone

This is where Gravity Rules! Pro and expert riders will have the time of their lives lapping our world famous downhill trails that wind their way through the rocks, trees, and unique terrain of Mammoth Mountain. Six pro and expert level gravity-fed trails make up the Derailed Zone, so put on your full-face and grab a bike with some serious travel and get ready to send it.   

  • Recoil: Wide, tall berms and a series of dirt jumps make this a favorite among the freestyle crowd.

  • Chain Smoke: Get ready to test the travel on that downhill rig, you’re going to need it!

  • Velocity: Fast and varied, this technical trail tempts you to let off those brakes.

  • Techno Rock: Just like the name implies, this is a technical, steep trail loaded with mandatory airs.

Getting Around

Getting Around

There are a number of ways to get from point A to B at the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park. Our gondola offers easy access to over 80 miles of singletrack, by far the most user friendly lift system in the world.We also offer a shuttle from The Village to Main Lodge and The Discovery Chair, a short, fast ride to the industry leading beginner terrain found in the Discovery Zone. Stump Alley Express (Ch. 2) is open Fri.-Sun. starting July 3.

Bike Park Shuttle (9am-5:30pm)

If you are in The Village at Mammoth, you’ll want to take the Bike Park Shuttle up to the Adventure Center. This shuttle picks you and your bike up on Canyon Boulevard, right next to the Mountain Center. It runs approximately every 30 minutes from 9am-4:30pm daily. You will need a Bike Park ticket or pass to ride the shuttle, which are available at the Mountain Center along with rentals and demos.

Gondola (Top: 9am-4:30pm; McCoy; 9am-5pm)

The Gondola is located at the Adventure Center and runs from 9am-4:30pm daily. You can take the gondola halfway to McCoy Station or all the way up to the top of the mountain and Eleven53, with plenty of trail access at each point of departure.

Discovery Chair (9am-4pm)

The Discovery Chair provides access to our industry-leading Discovery Zone trails. This lift accesses two exceptionally fun beginner trails in Discovery and Adventure, an intermediate trail aptly named Explorer, the Skills Park and the expert trail Richter.

Chair 2 - Opens July 3 (Fri-Sun 10am-4pm)

Starting July 3, 2015 we’ll be running Chair 2 for those riders looking to lap the pro and expert trails in the Derailed zone and still hit the features on Lower Twilight Zone without having to ride down to The Village. Chair 2 provides access to McCoy and mid-mountain trails like Brake Through, Bearing Straights and Gravy Train.

Rest Stops

Throughout our network of trails you will find shaded rest stops with drinking water and picnic tables for your convenience. 

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