Unbound Terrain Parks

Feb 08, 2018

The 5 open Unbound Terrain Parks are dishing out progression and fun right now. South Park is stacked with features designed for flow and creativity. A proper medium-size jump line starts off the infamous lower South setup, which leads to a pole jam with landings on both the left and right, followed by some volcanoes, then it all ends with a quarter pipe. Hopping back on Roller Coaster Express (Chair 4) is a chance to soak up some rays and refuel for even more hot laps. Main Park’s jump line has been re-built and is offering up maximum airtime for those looking to really send it. The 22’ halfpipe is soft and cut nightly. Forest Trail offers a mellow-medium size jump and an assortment of rails and boxes. Don’t forget about Wonderland and Discovery Playground for beginner snow features and small boxes that are perfect for the whole family. You can’t beat the fun and variety in the parks right now, especially with the spring-like snow conditions and temperatures we're experiencing. Get after it.

Photos of South Park features.