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#FBF - Leigh Donovan’s 1993 Kamikaze Bike Games Photo

Aug 08, 2014

Mammoth Mountain team rider Leigh Donovan is considered one of the top female mountain bike riders in history. She's won multiple world titles and continues to promote the sport through her annual ride clinics held at Mammoh Mountain.

For this week's #FlashBackFriday, we take a look at a photo of Leigh captured by John "Gibby" Gibson back in 1993. Featured in a "My Favorite Photo" column in Dirt Magazine, the photo of Leigh is cheered by longtime MTB industry veternad Craig "Stikman" Glaspell of Troy Lee Designs. Craig also happens to be Donovan's husband.

He describes a memorable weekend attending Mammoth's Kamikaze Bike Games and tells the story behind the photo.

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 See you on the hill!