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You've come the right place to get the latest news about the Mammoth Bike Park, including trail build status, trail preview videos, mountain biking event info and so much more. Check back here each week during the season and follow @MammothBikePark on Facebook and #MammmothBikePark on Instagram to stay up to date. 

September 2, 2021

Thank You for a Great Season

Mammoth Bike Park officially closed for the season Tuesday, August 31, due to the U.S. Forest Service mandated closure of Inyo National Forest. Our thoughts are with the firefighters and communities across the west affected by these horrible fires.

We thank you for your understanding and are already looking forward to ripping with you next summer.

August 26, 2021

Kinda Makes You Think

Rock gardens make up some of our favorite trail sections in the park. From short, bike-length gardens, to those closer to 100' in length, it's the ones that make you think that stand out the most. Having to make conscious decisions while navigating a section of rock is a true joy of mountain biking.

While there aren’t too many distinct “rock gardens” on our freshly maintained trail Follow Me, the lower section does offer up some chunky and aggressive features that get you thinking. Our two cents: when in doubt, push your bike forward and get your weight back.

Get a Grip 

Rock gardens can be intimidating, especially when riding our larger sections for the first time. We recommend taking your time and utilizing slabs of rock to better maintain your speed. Unless there’s sand or water on the rock, they usually offer up a great surface to slow down on. And we can’t emphasize this enough, when in doubt, get your weight as far back as possible and push your bike forward through difficult sections. It’s a game changer.

August 19, 2021

Creatures of Habit

There’s something to be said about lapping a trail over and over again. The number one question our instructors get asked is “How do I get more confidence?” Our answer: repetition. The more reps you get on a trail means the more time your body has to embrace the nuances and allow things to happen intuitively. Some call it “Flow State”, others call it "The Zone”. Either way, it’s where you want to find yourself while riding your mountain bike.

Brake Through has received quite a bit of maintenance this season and could be one of our favorite trails when seeking out that “Flow State” everyone talks about. Especially when lapped from Stump Alley Express (CH 2). Speed, some intermediate tech, and a whole bunch of flow make it one of the best “swiss army knives” of our bike park. When you get to the bottom, hop on Uptown and pedal/coast the quarter-mile back over to the bottom of CH 2.

Short but Sweet

While less than a mile in length, White Bark is a blast. Starting off with three smallish jumps the trail bobs and weaves through berms, over rocks and roots, and finishes down an awesome paver fall away.  

Our favorite trails under one mile:

  1. Pipeline – Still our favorite jump line on the hill, check Evan Geankoplis’ manual on the black step up here.

  2. White Bark – See above, but this is one trail we never want to end.

  3. Explorer – The perfect warm-up for a day in the bike park, sometimes we make it 2…


August 12, 2021

Testing Yourself

Progressing your way through the Bike Park trail network is something to celebrate. Whether it’s making the jump from Adventure Trail to Explorer or making the step up from Velocity to Chain Smoke, progression is rad. Mountain biking can be hard, so the next time you clear something for the first time or smash through a rock garden you've never ridden before feel free to get fired up and let out a hoot, holler, or even throw a fist pump at the bottom of the trail.

Speaking of progression, Techno Rock opens this Friday making the Mammoth Bike Park 100% open. Arguably one of the top three hardest trails on the mountain, Techno Rock features a rock-to-dirt drop towards the top and a rock-to-wood drop below – both are not to be taken lightly. Check it out from the Gondola and see if the trail is your cup of tea or not.

Ride 'Em All

With 100% of our trail network now open, the question begs to be asked – could you ride every trail in one day? 49 trails and 80+ miles, pro, beginner, uphill and downhill...trying to accomplish this feat would not be easy. We recommend starting with all the trails with the same rating. Ride all the intermediate trails in a day? Now that’s starting to make sense.

August 5, 2021

Beach Cruising

Fun fact – the first section of singletrack ever designated as a mountain bike trail on Mammoth Mountain was Beach Cruiser. Goats (think small mammals not Greatest Of All Time) were known to roam that area of the mountain and created a small trail that people began riding bikes on. Voila! Now we boast 80+ miles of the narrow stuff we all dream of. 

Speaking of Beach Cruiser, our trail crew buffed it out this week and it's riding as good as it ever has. Jill's Jump – the cherry on top of Velocity – is now open. After smashing the high-speed and technical rock gardens found in the top section on Velocity, Jill’s adds a touch of freestyle to one of our marquee trails.

Lapping the lower Gondola and Chair 2 allows access to some of the rowdiest trails on the mountain and some of the most intimidating features in North America. Our favorites (depending on our mood of course):

  • "The Waterfall" on Chain Smoke. This near vertical slab of rock doesn't look rideable to many but ends up being one of those "rides easier than it looks" features once you commit. Just get that bike WAY in front of you and you'll be fine.

  • "The Hillary Step" on Velocity. About a dozen steps get you warmed up for a tight left hand turn and the crux of this feature – a rock-to-wood drop that requires technical grace and commitment.

  • A Line on the top rock garden of Chain Smoke. This steep sea of rock doesn't have a proper nickname which is a shame as it is one of the rowdier features anywhere. Clearly visible from the gondola right below McCoy Station this section is no joke. The trail starts with a few boulders and a tight right hand turn which puts you straight into the meat of the feature. To ride the A Line, you'll want to aim your front tire at the exposed mushroom looking rock directly in front of you. From there, choose one of three lines down the steep rock face, smash through the drop at the bottom and feel free to holler as you haul out into the flats below.

July 29, 2021

Boomerang, Braaaapppp, and Brown Pow

Trail Crew dialed in our newest trail, Boomerang, over the last week with extensive maintenance. Featuring manmade rock gardens, creative jumps, ripping berms, and heaps of flow, Boomerang is becoming one of the best trails on the mountain. If you’re an intermediate rider looking to step your game up a bit, this is a great place to start.

Moto mega-boss Axel Hodges was in town for a few days and captured some of the rowdiest action the bike park has ever seen. Please do not try this at home, pulling your front bike while hurling down the “Front Porch” is NOT recommended.

Surgical Strike

If you’ve been stashing some PTO in hopes of scoring brown pow now is the time to strike. Rain fell for much of Wednesday afternoon and is in the forecast for the next 3 days.

Some of our favorite storm day trails:

  • The Discovery Zone: Yes it's a paradise for beginners and families but with a quick lift and trails like Richter and Discotech this is also an awesome spot to get the most mileage on the sticky dirt.
  • Ricochet: An obscure trail located off of Seven Bridges, Ricochet is a fantastic mix of tech, high speed and natural features. It also loves moisture.
  • Off the Top: Nothing beats being one of the first riders down OTT after a storm. Link up with Beach Cruiser for a 10+ mile descent with more berms than you can count.


July 22, 2021

Vibe Tribe

If a rider laughs in the woods and nobody is there to hear it, did they really laugh at all? While solo jaunts through the forest can be great for clearing the mind, there really is nothing quite like getting a group of friends together and sending it in the bike park. When smashing around the mountain with your squad,  climbs seem shorter, rock gardens mellower, and your confidence is inevitably higher. Hit up your support group and get that party train rolling this weekend.

Trail Crew spent all day Tuesday working on the high-speed, technical gem-of-a-trail Follow Me – if it’s your jam we recommend riding it  ASAP. Maintenance was also done on Brake Through, Bullet, Uptown, and Shock Treatment.

Rain showers blanketed the Eastern Sierra on Monday providing some tacky soil for a few days. Keep an eye on the weather as these summer rain showers have been sneaky.

Rock Gardens

One terrain feature that sets Mammoth Bike Park apart are its rock gardens. Simplified, a rock garden is a section of trail with rocks that need to be ridden on or avoided on your way down the trail. Our advice is to scope out rock gardens before riding them – pick a line, watch some others ride it, then commit.

Some of our favorites:

  • Intermediate | Brake Through and Juniper. Both of these trails offer short, non-intimidating rock gardens that are the perfect starting point as your rock riding progresses.

  • Advanced | Shotgun, Richter and Boomerang. With Boomerang our trail builders manufactured 3 rock gardens that are great for stepping that rock hopping up another notch.

  • Expert | Follow Me and Velocity. The infamous rock spine on Velocity is an intimidating ridge of rock that requires full commitment. Make sure to push your bike through the exit, it gets steep!

  • Pro | DC-10, Chain Smoke and Bullet. Our Pro Line rock gardens are some of the gnarliest in North America. The upper section of DC-10 is steep, twisted and demands focus. Chain Smoke features 3 distinct rock sections with the first being the most difficult and the last being the most visually intimidating. We feel that the Bullet rock garden is the best on the mountain*. Long, technical and exposed, this section of trail often has a gallery even when there isn't a race happening.

    *Note: TO be honest, Velociraptor is by far the best rock riding on the mountain, but it is uber-GNARLY, so we left it off this list. But if incredibly steep and terrifying is your thing, it's there...

July 15, 2021

Preparing For Launch

For advanced, expert, and pro-level riders looking for some airtime, we suggest the jump trails Twilight Zone, Pipeline, and Smooth Operator. These three trails offer 50+ jumps and when you add in wallrides, rollers, wooden bridges, and jibs you’re looking at close to six dozen features, which should quench the freestyle thirst of the frothiest senders. Our Chair 2 Shuttle is running from the parking lot back up to Main Lodge Mon–Thurs allowing for the ease of Twilight Zone laps. Canyon Express (CH 16) and Stump Alley Express (CH 2) are open Fri–Sun increasing the lapability of these jump trails.

If you’ve spent any time in the Bike Park this season you’ve undoubtedly noticed the number of riders whizzing around on class-1 eBikes. These on-hill weapons for fun can turn a seemingly mundane trail into your new favorite. Swing by the Bosch Basecamp at the Mountain Center in The Village and take one out for a spin to see what all the hype is about.

Best Intro Jump Line – Explorer, Skills Park and Discotech

Small rollers and tables that are great for learning how to load your suspension in preparation for airtime.

Best Progressive Jump Line – Pipeline

If you stick to the blue wooden ramps all of the jumps on Pipeline are rollable which makes progression a whole lot easier. Start by scoping the trail and slowly increase speed as your familiarity grows. Jump size on Pipeline ranges from 5-30 feet making this a perfect trail to spend some time on and really progress your jumping skills.

Best Tech Line to Jump Trail – Velocity to Twilight Zone

Velocity starts with a fairly large tabletop jump which can be absolutely sent or scrubbed, depending on the wind. After that a few tech rock sections await before the turn off for Twilight Zone. TZ begins with the "Concrete Jungle", a series of berms and jumps all armored with pavers. After the Jungle there's a three pack of jumps that lead you back into the forest and a massive raised berm we call "The Deep End". After a ripping traverse across a steep part of the mountain you can stay straight and head back to the lower Gondola or turn right and smash the 9 jumps that reside in lower Twilight Zone.  

July 8, 2021

Peak Bike Park  

After receiving 5+ afternoons of rain, the dirt in the Mammoth Bike Park has literally been all-time. Throw in a hyper-motivated trail crew and bike patrol and our trail network is primed to dish out some incredible riding this weekend. 
Smooth Operator received a good amount of trail maintenance over the last week as the recent rain has made for fantastic lip sculpting conditions. If you’re looking for a feature-laden two miles of fun, we suggest giving Brake Through ➞ Boomerang ➞ Smooth Operator a try. While not as fast as some of our true DH trails, these offer a different type of fun and flow that should not be missed by expert and pro-level riders. 
Long-range forecasts are showing a chance of showers later next week so cross your fingers conditions continue to line up and provide more tacky dirt in the future.


Trail crew continued to dial in Smooth Operator utilizing the moisture in the dirt to sculpt features and further increase the flow of the trail which is best described as a jibber’s paradise. “Smooth” as we call it is a bit like an onion in that it’s evolution continues to offer up even more of what we initially loved about the trail.

Starting with a floaty step down the trail snaps to the left and offers up jumps, berms, a massive wooden feature we call the “Taj Mahal” and finishes with a 4-pack of tabletops, a step-down, and an incredible step-up. As you can see, from a freestyler’s perspective Smooth Operator offers up just about everything.

July 1, 2021

Brown Pow  

“Clink, clink, clink…” the sound of raindrops on rooftops is music to a mountain biker’s ears. It started with a few drops and then just like that, the skies opened, and it rained, which we all know turns the dirt into a tacky surface primed for schralping. Mammoth received a good dousing of water Monday afternoon and evening making for the best riding conditions of the season. More precipitation is in the forecast so keep an eye on our cams and get ready to rip. 

DC-10, Seven Bridges, Shotgun, Juniper, and Manzanita have received trail maintenance this week and if you haven’t ridden Off the Top this season might we be the first to invite you, it’s an absolute blast.

Stump Alley Express (CH 11) Opens for the Season Friday

Why we love Chair 2:

  • Shorter lines. During busy weekends the lines at the gondola can get fairly long, if you roll up on the lower gondola terminal and see the line stretching out the door just hop on Downtown or lower Twilight Zone and cruise down to Chair 2. There is rarely more than a few minute line.

  • Ease of lapping Chain Smoke and Velocity-Twilight Zone. After the lower Chain Smoke jump line just flip a u-turn and hit the lower Twilight Zone jump line to the bottom of Chair 2. The ride up Chair 2 also offers up a good opportunity to put eyes on the top two rock gardens on Chain Smoke – pick your line, scope run-ins and get motivated for some of the more difficult rock gardens in the bike park.

  • DC-10 laps. This Pro-line rated trail is ROWDY and usually requires multiple laps before any sort of comfort level is found. The time put in is well worth it though, after navigating the top spine and rock sections DC-10 is an absolute blast…and it ends right near the bottom of Chair 2.

  • Laps on Brake Through, Seven Bridges and Ricochet. All of these trails end about ¼ of a mile from the bottom of Chair 2, just pedal the short distance on Uptown and voila – you’re at the bottom of Chair 2 and ready to do it again. Ricochet and Seven Bridges are both a bit off the beaten path but with Chair 2 open there’s plenty of opportunity to learn the nuances of these two gems.

June 24, 2021

Top to Bottom

Check out Carson Storch on Chain Smoke.

Panorama Upper Gondola opens this Friday allowing access to two trails that have cemented Mammoth as the premier bike park in the U.S. Cascading off our 11,053’ summit, both Off the Top and Skid Marks showcase exposed, high-alpine riding at its finest. 
Off the Top is an intermediate-rated trail offering up a gradual pitch and incredible views. With a ton of flow and small rock features peppered along the trail, OTT does a great job of keeping advanced and expert riders entertained as well. Skid Marks is an expert-rated trail for good reason – steep, exposed, and technical, the trail requires focus. 
Both trails connect to miles and miles of singletrack lower on the mountain giving you an almost unlimited menu of shredding options. 

June 17, 2021

Panorama Lower Gondola Opens This Friday 

Get ready. Access to Midtown, Brake Through, Velocity DH, Twilight Zone, and the pro-line Chain Smoke begins this Friday with the opening of Panorama Lower Gondola to McCoy Station. Midtown is an intermediate trail featuring dozens of berms, rollers, and incredible flow. If you're looking for something a bit more gnarly, check out the expert-level trail Velocity. It offers technical rock features, wooden wall rides, speed, and is a real test for the best of DH senders.
Canyon Express (Ch 16) runs Fri–Sun for the season through Labor Day weekend. The ease of lapping trails like Follow Me, Bullet DH, and Flow cannot be overstated, if you’re looking to dial in lines on some of the rowdiest trails on the mountain this is the place to do it.

Uphill Travel Options:
  • Bike Park Shuttle (The Village to Main Lodge): Daily, 9AM–5:30PM
  • Discovery Chair (Ch 11): Daily, 9AM–5PM
  • Panorama Lower Gondola (To McCoy Station): Daily, 9AM–5PM 
  • Canyon Express (Ch 16): Fri–Sun, 10AM–4PM
  • Stump Alley Express (Ch 2): Opens Fri–Sun starting July 2 

June 10, 2021

Canyon Express and Discovery Chair Opening Friday

With a below-average winter snowpack comes earlier trail openings for MTB lovers. Canyon Express (Ch 16) is now opening this Friday, June 11 (two weeks ahead of schedule) with access to incredible terrain on trails like Brake Through, Follow Me, Bullet DH, Flow, and Boomerang. Canyon Express will operate Fridays–Sundays from 10AM–4PM.
Discovery Chair (Ch 11) is also opening for the season this Friday providing daily access to the world-famous progression paradise in the Discovery Zone. Smooth, wide trails like Adventure Trail and Discovery Trail are perfect for beginners and those looking to warm up before moving onto our rowdier terrain.

Trails Set to Open Friday, June 11:
  1. Brake Through

  2. Follow Me

  3. Bullet DH

  4. Flow

  5. Seven Bridges

  6. Ricochet

  7. Adventure

  8. Discovery

  9. Explorer

  10. Richter

  11. Boomerang

June 3, 2021

Shotgun Shoutout

Check out Josh Wray and Tucker Keating playing around on Shotgun this past weekend.

Offering high speed, a slew of features, and a healthy dose of tech, Shotgun is an advanced trail that has it all. If you can fight the allure of sending it at race speed, you'll enjoy a new flow with side hits and rock jibs.

For more intermediate-level riding, head to the east side of the mountain where our trail crew has been working buffing out trails like Juniper, Timber Ridge, Manzanita, and Lakes Trail. Our beginner area is set to open with the opening of Discovery Chair (Chair 11) on Friday, June 11.

May 27, 2021

Here We Go

We know how you feel and assure you the anticipation is warranted, there simply is no feeling like riding a bike down a mountain. Tomorrow, May 28, the Mammoth Bike Park opens for the season with seven trails fully open and seven additional trails open with access to their lower sections. A late-season snowstorm dropped a few inches of snow this past weekend leaving the dirt surface about as good as it gets. Here’s to the 2021 bike park season, now let’s ride!

May 20, 2021

Opening in Style

With 14 trails scheduled to open this Friday, May 28, our opening weekend offering is poised to be the best ever. Classic tracks like Downtown, Shotgun, Smooth Operator, and Big Ring will be opening in their entirety along with some hidden gems like Timber Ridge and Juniper. Expert and pro-level riders, should check out the lower sections of Twilight Zone, Follow Me, Pipeline, and Bullet. 
Our trail network will be expanding rapidly this summer due to below-average winter snowfall, so follow @MammothBikePark on Facebook and our lift and trail status page for the latest updates. For unlimited access all summer, pick up a Bike Park pass before June 23 and let the good times roll.

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