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You've come the right place to get the latest news about the Mammoth Bike Park, including trail build status, trail preview videos, mountain biking event info and so much more. Check back here each week and follow @MammothBikePark on Facebook and #MammmothBikePark on Instagram to stay up to date. 

September 17

Thank You

Ripping down the singletrack at Mammoth Bike Park was truly the highlight of summer 2020, but due to U.S. Forest Service mandated closures remaining in effect and hazardous air quality, Mammoth Mountain is officially closed for this summer season.

We thank you for your understanding and support through what has been one wild summer and we hope you were able to get some good shredding in as well. We look forward to seeing you for the 2021 season.

September 10

Season On Hold

Effective September 8, the Mammoth Bike Park has suspended operations due to extreme fire danger and U.S. Forest Service mandated closures. We will continue to work closely with the Forest Service and resume operations if the order is lifted and it is safe to do so. Please follow Mammoth Mountain or Mammoth Bike Park on Facebook for the most up-to-date information.

PLEASE NOTE: Guests are required to wear masks when inside any of our facilities, shuttles or in line as mandated by the state. Only members of the same household can load gondola cabins or chairlifts together. Single riders will load their own gondola cabin or chairlift. The Bike Park Shuttle will be limited to 50% capacity and masks are required. 

September 3

Mix & Match

Cam Small and Drew Hoit showcasing the new rebuild on Twilight Zone

Being able to mix & match different trails in the Bike Park is one of our favorite aspects of riding on such a big mountain. There are a lot of ways to mix & match our trails to create something right for you, maybe start with a little Skid Marks, throw in some Lincoln Express, add a little Flow then finish it off with Smooth Operator and voila! You may have just created a new "favorite lap". Next time you are out riding in the park mix up your trail concoction and see what happens.

Shock Treatment | At a little over a quarter of a mile, this Pro Line trail packs a big punch in a short distance. Tight corners and rocky terrain greet you at the start, which is rapidly followed by the first of two steep, right hand turns that both require you to get way back on your bike. Next up is a wooden ladder with multiple steps and twists launching you into the fast chute below. This location is notorious for some of the deeper pumice on the mountain so lean back and enjoy the surfy feeling before the final rocky section that drops onto Kamikaze.

PLEASE NOTE: Guests are required to wear masks when inside any of our facilities, shuttles or in line as mandated by the state. Only members of the same household can load gondola cabins or chairlifts together. Single riders will load their own gondola cabin or chairlift. The Bike Park Shuttle will be limited to 50% capacity and masks are required. 

August 27

Two Additional Weeks

Ripping from all over the mountain

DC-10 | Accessed from Brake Through, this Pro Line rated trail offers a little bit of everything in a fairly short span. Starting on a steep ridge in Upper Dry Creek, the trail requires accurate braking and line management from the get-go. About 200 yards after leaving Brake Through you'll find yourself on top of the DC-10 rock garden, by far the most difficult section on the entire trail and one of the more difficult lines on the mountain. There is a mellower route on the rider's right side of the trees but if you take the main line, prepare for large, chunky rocks and an awkward air on the exit. After that, DC-10 flows nicely through some cool terrain as you make your way towards the bottom of High Five Express (CH 5) and an interesting section of trail featuring a series of jumps and berms. Next up you'll ride over the ski run Easy Rider and come up on the lower DC-10 Rock Garden. This is an awesome feature with a few different lines accessed by narrow lanes through the trees. Below that is a fast and loose section of turns, small drops and rocks which ends with a launch into a settling pond (it's empty) above the bottom of Gold Rush Express (CH 10). When Stump Alley Express (CH 2) is running you can hop on the chairlift and be back at it in 6 minutes.

PLEASE NOTE: Guests are required to wear masks when inside any of our facilities, shuttles or in line as mandated by the state. Only members of the same household can load gondola cabins or chairlifts together. Single riders will load their own gondola cabin or chairlift. The Bike Park Shuttle will be limited to 50% capacity and masks are required. 

August 20

Too Much Good Stuff

Red Bull athlete Aaron Gwin flicking it left and right on Twilight Zone

TWILIGHT ZONE | Accessed from Velocity, Midtown or Chain Smoke, Twilight Zone is a slice of freestyle heaven smack dab in the middle of what we call our “Derailed Zone”. Starting from the Velocity cutoff the trail enters the “Concrete Jungle”, a 300-yard section of trail filled with paver berms, jumps and step-downs. After a few medium-sized tabletops, the trail crosses over Chain Smoke and funnels towards “The Deep End”, a massive berm built from composite decking that you can fly around. Another wooden berm awaits right after, this time it’s a left hander with a tricky runout leading into a fast section of wooden bridges that traverse a part of the mountain we call “Phantom’s Escape”. At this point the trail splits and you can either hang a left back to the gondola or turn right down towards the lower trails on the mountain. This is one of the more enjoyable sections of trail on the hill – a series of 8 jumps with the perfect speed and flow culminating in a step-up/step-down and the bottom of Chair 2. All told, Twilight Zone has over 35 features to feast on, enjoy! 

August 13

The Allure of the Kamikaze

Cody Underkoffler and Cody Neumann terrorizing Chain Smoke

KAMIKAZE | Looking to travel faster on a mountain bike than you ever have before? If so, the Kamikaze is the spot to do it. 3.2 miles + 13% average grade = a whole lot of opportunity to go fast, like, 70 MPH fast. The "Kami" as we call it, can be an acquired taste. First time down the trail can be a shock to the system – right from the start the first 1/4 of a mile contains the steepest, loosest section on the run meaning there is no “easing into” anything. After that, the road conditions improve but the lack of guardrails can make the exposed mountain looming on your left that much more intimidating. Subtle turns are needed to keep from flying off the side of the mountain but it isn't until about 3/4 of a mile into the run when you're met with the first real, 180 degree turn at the top of Chair 14. Drifting sideways around a turn going 40 MPH is quite the rush and we hope you enjoy it as soon after that turn is another, this time a right-hander we call "Hydraulic Corner" – steep and off camber, this turn is awkward to say the least. As you make your way underneath Chairs 14 and 13 some of the fastest sections of trail are highlighted by a few snake turns that come up quick when traveling at speed. Awaiting you at the bottom of White Bark Ridge is "Hay Bale Corner", site of more carnage than any other spot on the Kami. The last mile is a much more benign sprint to the finish so empty that tank if you have any energy left! 

August 6

Quintessential Mammoth

Red Bull athlete Carson Storch playing around in the Twilight Zone

OFF THE TOP | Like a jagged knife slashing across the backside of Mammoth Mountain, Off the Top is one of those "cannot miss" trails at Mammoth. Due to its length and a few exposed berms, OTT as it's often called, is a solid intermediate trail that helps riders progress onto more advanced trails in the park. For more advanced riders, OTT is a great way to warm up, get a good feel for their equipment and prepare for some of the more gnarlier terrain on the mountain.

SKID MARKS | Chunky, technical and very exposed, Skid Marks can leave even the most experienced riders puckered. Starting with some fast switchbacks above the part of the mountain known as "Dave's Wave" the trail makes an extremely exposed 180 degree turn out over "Roma's Trees" before diving into the most technical part of the trail. After smashing through the large rocks, drops and tight turns above the top of Chair 9, we don't blame you if a quick break is needed before venturing on.

July 30

Pipeline Rebuild

Red Bull athlete Richie Rude ripping around the Bike Park.

PIPELINE | Starting from the top of the trail, we made the first blue ramp takeoff smaller to better match up with the landing, the black (mandatory gap) ramp is still the same for those looking to go full send. The section below the first ramps has been re-sculpted with fresh dirt and both wooden step-up jumps are the same as before with a smoothed out in-run. The biggest change to the trail is the section below “Monolith” – the large wooden over/under where Paper Route crosses under Pipeline. Following the large right-hand berm, we have pushed the first tabletop into the second, creating a smoother takeoff and better utilizing the amount of speed for that section of trail. All jumps at the bottom of the trail have been rebuilt with fresh dirt and rollers were added in the flat sections to keep the speed and flow up. 

July 23

Hero Dirt & Velociraptor

POV of Red Bull athlete Aaron Gwin on Velociraptor.

Rain fell from the skies Monday afternoon making for some of the best riding conditions of the year. This was a selective storm, however, trails on the east side of the mountain got hammered with water while trails on the backside barely got a drop. Our advice is to hit up trails like Juniper, Shotgun and Downtown – all of which are riding insane while the dirt remains tacky.

VELOCIRAPTOR  |  Commitment necessary. Every aspect of riding Velociraptor requires full commitment. It starts with getting there – since this rugged trail starts at the top of Facelift Express (CH 3) there is no direct access. To reach the top, start by riding down Skid Marks, traverse underneath Dave's Run, then climb the steep road up and over the back of CH 3 – not easy while hauling a 180mm DH rig. The view from the start of the trail is second to none so we recommend taking a few moments to take it all in, once you let go of those brakes your senses will need to be fully aware. As the trail works its way down exposed sections of rock line, choice and speed management are paramount. Numerous rock gardens, drops and terrain features riddle the slope from top to bottom. Don't say we didn't warn you! 

July 16

Bosch eMTB Flow Trail & Velocity

POV of Cody Neuman on Velocity.

BOSCH eMTB FLOW TRAIL | Newly revamped with uphill rock gardens, new jumps, a teeter-totter and rumble strip (think corrugated panel used as a manual pad), this trail is an awesome opportunity to push your eMTB to its full potential. Opens Saturday, July 18.

VELOCITY | With a fairly benign beginning, Velocity can lure riders into thinking it's tamer than it actually is. After the trail passes a small settling pond at the top of Unbound Express (Chair 6) you have a choice: the advanced line, which veers left and the expert line, which continues straight. The advanced line has a small rock to navigate before turning back into the woods but the expert line has what we call the "Hillary Step" – a series of small wooden drops ending in a technical rock garden and an awkward drop onto a wooden landing. This route is right up there with some of the most technical riding on the hill. After a fun right hand wallride you're confronted with the "Velocity Rock Spine". As you approach the feature it almost looks like there's a skeleton of a T-Rex laying in the trail, unfortunately that's not what it is, but it is a tricky slab of rock that requires some serious commitment. The remainder of the trail is filled with rocks, drops, wooden features and some blind rollovers to really keep you on your toes. Make no doubt, Velocity is full-on. 

July 9

Smooth Operator, DC-10, Explorer and More

POV of Cody Neumann on Smooth Operator.

Rain last week plus cooler temps this week have made for the summer’s best soil. Now is the time to get out there and get after these awesome conditions before the last day of the season on Sept 7. 

SMOOTH OPERATOR | With highlights like the "Taj Mahal" and the "Super Stepdown" this trail has become a favorite amongst our riders for good reason. Our trail crew put in a ton of work on the jumps over the last week, enjoy!

EXPLORER TRAIL | Located in the Discovery Zone, this intermediate trail is perfect for those looking to take the next step up from beginner trails Adventure and Discovery. Starting with an awesome right hand berm, the trail offers great flow and is laden with a number of features. Explorer Trail is also a great way to access our Skills Park. 

July 2

Something For Everyone

The Bike Park is in full swing with even more trails dialed for the weekend, bringing us access to over 85% of open terrain. The Discovery Zone Skills Park is packed with beginner features, Skid Marks will be open top-to-bottom, and advanced riders can get their adrenaline pumping on Shock Treatment and Toll Road. Stump Alley Express (Chair 2) will be spinning 10AM–4PM Fri-Sun and Discovery Chair (Chair 11), Panorama Gondola and the Bike Park Shuttle are operating daily.  

Main Lodge or the Mountain Center in The Village has you covered with all your bike park needs including bike rentals, and the Adventure Center across from Main Lodge is a one-stop shop for Mammoth souvenirs, scenic gondola tickets, private lessons and more. Bike Park season passes are on sale for only $329 – lock in your pass today for unlimited riding through September 7.

June 25

Open Top-To-Bottom

Opening day is finally here so dust off those downhill bikes and get ready to shred top-to-bottom. Starting Friday, June 26, the Panorama Gondola to the summit, Discovery Chair (11) and Village Bike Park shuttle will run daily with access to over 35 trails including the following:

Adventure Trail Manzanita
Beach Cruiser Midtown
Bearing Straights Mountain View  
Big Ring Off the Top
Boomerang Paper Route
Brake Through Pipeline
Bridge the Gap Richter
Chain Smoke Richochet
Discotech Seven Bridges
Discovery Trail Shortcut
Downtown Shotgun
Explorer Trail Skid Marks (Lower)
Flow Skills Park 
Follow Me Smooth Operator 
Gopher Trail  Timber Ridge
Gravy Train  Twilight Zone
Juniper Uptown
Kamikaze (Lower) Velocity DH
Lakes Trail White Bark 
Lincoln Express

Iconic trails like Off the Top, Shotgun and the beginner-friendly Discovery Zone are in fantastic shape and trail crew continues to work daily to open more trails. Early season conditions do still exist on the upper mountain trails, be aware that you may encounter snow.

Please note, there will be no communal water stations on the trail so please carry water while riding. Masks are required in the lodges, waiting in line and in the Bike Park Shuttle, which will only be loaded to 50% capacity for social distancing purposes.

Main Lodge and the Mountain Center in The Village will be open daily with bike rentals (including e-bike rentals), private lessons, tickets and season passes.

Lock in your Bike Park Pass or Bike Park tickets – we can’t wait to see you on the trails this summer.

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