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Homeowner Services


"Rack Rate" is a lodging and hotel industry term meaning "maximum rate or highest-price lodging." It is our starting point from which the various rate scales are calculated. Rack Rates should not be considered an indication of the rates that will be consistently achieved.

Many factors can affect the rate that a particular guest ultimately pays. Package deals, competition with other resorts, the use of wholesalers, fluctuating guest demand, snow conditions/seasonal variances, the economy and group and conference bookings are among these factors. Rack Rates should be viewed in this context and should not be considered a forecast of revenue earnings. However, our objective is always to maximize rental revenue whenever possible.

Discounted Rates: Manager may also establish special rates or discounted rates for the Condo that vary from its established Rack Rate. In order to promote the short-term occupancy of the Condo and other Condos, Manager shall have the right to allow persons to use the Condo on a complimentary or discounted basis when such use, in managers sole discretion, may contribute to the success of the short-term occupancy.

Village at Mammoth Lodging Rates 2010/11

Condominium Rates
Studio: 1 Queen Murphy bed, 1 Queen sofa bed & 1 bathroom $129-$549
One Bedroom: 1 bedroom with 1 King bed, 1 Queen sofa bed & 1 bathroom $169-$639
One Bedroom with den : 1 bedroom with 1 King bed, 1 Queen sofa bed, 1 full sofa bed in den & 1 bathroom $189-$669
Two Bedroom: 1 bedroom with 1 King bed, 1 bedroom with 1 Queen bed, 1 Queen sofa bed & two bathrooms $219-$849
Three Bedroom: 1 bedroom with 1 King bed, 2 bedrooms with 1 Queen bed each, 1 Queen sofa bed & 3 bathrooms $369-$1249
Deluxe Three Bedroom: 1 bedroom with 1 King bed, 2 bedrooms with 1 Queen bed each, 2 bathrooms, upgraded interior $399-$1399
Check in: 4pm - Check out: 11am


Juniper Resort Lodging Rates 2010/11

Condominium/Townhomes Rates Winter  
Studio: 1 room activity area with 1 Queen bed, 1 Full pullout sofa bed & 1 bathroom $119-$499 Up to $259  
One Bedroom: 1 bedroom with one King bed, 1 Full pullout sofa bed & 1 bathroom $149-$599 Up to $319  
Two Bedroom: 1 bedroom with 1 King bed, 1 bedroom with 2 Twin beds or 1 King size bed, 1 full pullout sofa bed & 2 bathrooms $199-$769 Up to $419  
Two Bedroom Custom: 1 bedroom with 1 King bed, 1 bedroom with 2 Twin beds or 1 queen size bed, 2 full pullout sofa bed & 2 bathrooms $199-$879 Up to $469  
Three Bedroom: 2 bedrooms with 1 King size bed, 1 bedroom with 2 Twin beds, 1 full size pullout sofa bed & 2 bathrooms $269-$1099 Up to $579  
Eagle Run Townhomes (Two Bedrooms): Individually furnished townhouse style condominiums with two bathrooms $199-$879 Up to $479  
Eagle Run Townhomes (Three Bedrooms): Individually furnished townhouse style condominiums with two bathrooms $269-$1199 Up to $639  
Check in: 4 p.m. - Check out: 11 a.m.


Rates do not include 13.00% tax and $20/night resort fee. Minimum stay requirements may apply.

Holiday season rates may apply Christmas time, New Year, President's Day Weekend and MLK, Jr. Weekend.


Mammoth Hospitality Management Benefits

By choosing Mammoth Hospitality Management (MHM) you will receive the following benefits...


Designed to serve as a liaison between rental owners and the various departments throughout Mammoth Mountain.

Provides 24-hour service for check-in and guest information.

Dedicated to the promotion of rental activity exclusively for properties on the Mammoth Mountain rental program with a fiscal year budget exceeding three million dollars.

Made up of dedicated sales professionals who actively solicit different regions throughout the United States.

Offers a dedicated catering/conference services staff to support the efforts of the Group Sales Team.

Provides all guest-related housekeeping. Your rental guests also receive cleaning services while in house to ensure your property is monitored while occupied. Other property management companies DO NOT provide daily housekeeping services.

Provides a staff of professionals who offer guests and owners timely response to maintenance needs. Mammoth's licensed professionals offer quality workmanship and expertise in a wide variety of trades including structural, plumbing, and electrical. A comprehensive routine maintenance program is included in our management fee at no additional charge to owners.

Offers a staff of 20 trained professionals providing 24-hour service with an automatic call distribution system to provide the most efficient answering of incoming calls. Books advanced sales for lift tickets, snowmobiles, and lessons so our rental guests benefit from one-stop shopping.

Provide complimentary van shuttle for guests and owners, along with bell staff services for any other needs they may have. The concierge can assist with restaurant reservations, Mammoth Lakes information, babysitting referrals and mountain activities.

Under the MHM Rental Agreement, guests and owners are provided phone service in their room. Other rental agencies do not provide this to guests staying in their properties.

In-room high-speed Internet service is available in both The Village and Juniper Springs. Juniper Springs guests also have access to FREE wireless Internet in the front lobby area.

The Grand Sierra Conference Center at The Village and the Sherwin rooms at Juniper Springs provide guests and owners with state-of-the-art meetings facilities. Contact the Group Sales Office at 760-934-2571 x3333 for availability and pricing.

Resort to Resort is an exclusive Homeowner exchange network comprised of select vacation homes at Intrawest Resorts and a portfolio of carefully selected partner resorts. Members have access to an expanding collection of 155 properties at over 30 premier resort destinations in six countries as well as A&K Travel and Ice Gallery Cruise Lines. Owners of a home at Mammoth Mountain will have the highest credit value available and will easily be able to exchange a week or two for travel to such sought after destinations as Whistler, France, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Zihuatanejo...the vacation choices are almost endless. or call a vacation concierge at 1.800.955.2692.

Call the Owner Relations Office for more information.
The Village Lodge at Mammoth Owner Relations: 760-924-1570
Juniper Resort Owner Relations Toll Free Direct: 888-969-6377


Advantages of MHM

The easiest and simplest rental agency agreement in rental management contracting. There are no additional fees that get added to our commission share. For example, with other management agencies, "additional" charges would include unit maintenance fees, rental guest housekeeping fees, reservation & marketing fees, etc. Under our agreement, the MHM commission alone covers these expenses.

Our resort lodging team will offer the very best in service with a 24-hour front desk, daily housekeeping, on-site maintenance, phone service, complimentary van shuttle for guests and owners, and bell staff services.

Mammoth Mountain's Vacation Reservation Specialists at "Mammoth California Vacations." Our 800.MAMMOTH reservation hotline is taking vacation reservations 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Because of our extensive marketing campaigns, over 160,000 customers annually call 800.MAMMOTH before they call anywhere else in town.

Our extensive local, national, and international marketing strategies refer all those customers via 800.MAMMOTH to our reservation specialists.

Homeowner Relations Office with staff & facilities dedicated to servicing owners on the Mammoth Hospitality Rental Program.

Homeowner Referral Program - Referral program rewarding owners up to 10% commission on room rates for each reservation booked using your Owner ID number.

Dedicated newsletter for owners.

MHM offers the Intrawest Owner Exchange program. A program known as "Resort2Resort" allows owners to exchange owner use time with other participating Intrawest owners at other Intrawest resorts.

Our property management system allows for concise, easy to read financial statements with current balances and yearly totals.

Revenue Management

What is Revenue Management?
Revenue Management is ensuring that we are "selling the right product, to the right person, at the right price, through the right distribution channel." In other words, we are working to ensure we maximize the revenue potential of every unit.

What is Revenue Management continued... 

This means we are constantly monitoring and analyzing every aspect of our guests' stay patterns, including: price elasticity of demand by day of the season, by condo type, length of stay, advance booking time frames, key booking channels, and the daily mix of group that we do not under-price or under-restrict during key excess demand periods, and that we are not over-pricing or over-restricting during low demand periods. It also helps us to ensure we are appropriately staffed to handle key booking periods.

Our job is to ensure your condo is never sold for an amount less than the consumer is willing to pay. When setting our rates, we take into account factors such as historical performance, competition and the economy. We look at each day of the year and set rates as high as the value of the complex demand will allow.

Our Revenue Management Team
Mammoth Hospitality Management has a Revenue Management Task Force. The team operates under both the Sales Division and Marketing. The Team meets weekly with the Group Sales Division, the Hospitality Marketing Division, the Contact Center (800.MAMMOTH), and the Lodging teams to discuss weekly results and new strategies for going forward.

Our Mission
The mission for the Revenue Management Team at Mammoth Hospitality Management is to maximize revenue for all the homeowners. This means that we are continually striving to increase rates as much as possible, given the competitive environment and the economy, while achieving appropriate levels of occupancy to ensure that all homeowners' revenue is maximized whenever possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What services are included in the 50% management fee?

Unlike many other rental agencies, Mammoth Hospitality Management (MHM) avoids many of the "claw backs" common in this type of service and chooses not to "nickel and dime" our owners. Typical claw backs to owners include charges for Rental Guest housekeeping, unit maintenance, reservation and marketing fees and others. Under our Agreement, the Agency's commission pays all of these expenses. MHM also replaces at no cost to the owner, any lost, broken or worn china, glassware, utensils and equipment, as well as missing or damaged linen or terry in your rental unit. Should any damage or theft take place from a Rental Guest in a rental unit, MHM will endeavor to attach all related costs to the guest occupying the unit at the time of damage. At first glance our program may seem more expensive, but once you compare "apples to apples" you will see it is not more expensive. Some additional services offered by MHM include:

  • Dedicated support and assistance from the staff in the Owner Relations Office.
  • On-site professional and uniformed housekeeping staff providing "daily housekeeping" and "housekeeping requests " to Rental Guests.
  • On-site front desk with fully uniformed staff, 24-hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Peak hour valet, concierge and bell services.
  • On-call maintenance services.
  • Superior amenities provided at no cost to rental guests.
  • The largest Marketing Machine in Mammoth putting "heads in your beds" - Mammoth Vacations - Vacation Specialists, through 800.MAMMOTH and booking and providing complete vacation packages to more than 160,000 different customers a year.
  • Group Sales Team appropriate for the rental of Village condos. Corporately this includes full-time sales people in conference/meetings, international and national destination sales, groups and transient lodging sales.
  • On-site PBX telephone system connected with the front desk computers and voice-mail. No charge to owners for local and 800 number calls.
  • High-speed Internet access in all rental condos.
  • Packaging of our rooms with a variety of activities (golf, skiing and mountain biking) to help drive occupancy.
  • Courtesy shuttle van available to Owners and Rental Guests.
  • MHM operates a state of the art on-site Reservations and Property Management Computer system.
  • Complimentary USA Today and Mammoth Times newspapers for Rental Guests.
  • Charging privileges at many of the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area retail outlets.


2. How much will the unit rent for each night?

Our published "rack rates" are included here. In order to achieve the highest occupancy percentages, average daily rates, and to secure the best overall rentals, a variety of pricing options are available to transient, wholesale, travel agents, tour operators, corporate and leisure travel groups and other guests. MHM will use its best pricing judgment in an effort to secure consistent levels of occupancy.

3. How does MHM establish nightly rental rates?

After researching what other units rent for in Mammoth, and also making comparisons at other resorts, we established the nightly lodging rates. We took into consideration the proximity to the many services that surround the lodge, as well as the amenities that are on-site. We set our rates according to what we felt should be charged for first-class accommodations and the services we provide. This is covered in more detail on our Rate Sheet.

4. How often will our condo be rented?

We cannot predict revenues, however, we can give figures based on historical information from Mammoth and other resorts where we perform rental management services. As an example, the occupancy for The Village Lodge was 33.5% in its first year of operating inclusive of all rented and Owner use nights. As a comparison, the "average" annual occupancy in the town of Mammoth was about 38.5% including all camping sites. In 2005 the occupancy for The Village Lodge was 44%, compared to the "average" annual occupancy in the town of Mammoth was 39.6%. The Mammoth Mountain Inn brings in the highest occupancy rate in Mammoth at about 60% annually. This is partly due to their efforts in marketing and sales to tour operators, travel wholesalers and travel groups. It is our goal to help drive occupancy by actively marketing to wholesale and tour operator companies that are an excellent source of extended stay bookings, rounding out occupancy throughout the year, especially during the quieter periods.

5. How does housekeeping work?

Since housekeeping and maintenance of the condo are such an integral part of the guest experience, we devote substantial management time to quality control. We perform inspections by trained supervisors to ensure that the quality of cleaning and condo presentation meet our service level standards. For our Rental Guests, daily housekeeping, as well as a linen and towel change is provided. MHM pays for all housekeeping costs and services, including all laundry, guest supplies and amenities, as well as labor for our rental guests.

6. How does maintenance work?

MHM is responsible for routine maintenance (see maintenance services (A)) and repairs of the condominiums including an annual preventative inspection. The Owner is responsible for all non-routine maintenance and repairs (see maintenance services (B)) of the condo. Quick and efficient response to your condo's maintenance needs is a major objective of ours. MHM maintains an inventory of commonly used repair items and tools on the property. Maintenance personnel are radio dispatched for quick service to you and the Rental Guests.

7. How are damage, breakage and theft treated in the condo?

In the event of damage, breakage or theft by Rental Guests, the agent shall take reasonable steps to see that the Rental Guests are responsible to restore the damaged, broken or stolen item/s as necessary, in a timely manner. Content insurance is highly recommended by the Owner.

8. What is covered in the Home Owner's Association (HOA) fees?

The rental Management Company has absolutely no control over the HOA. The HOA is governed by a separate Agreement between a Property Manager (not Rental Manager) and the HOA. The annual budget and levels of service are decided on by the HOA at regular and annual meetings. All homeowners are responsible to pay their fees, which represent the overall costs of operating and maintaining the building, whether they are participating in a rental program or not. HOA fees should cover all electricity, propane, water, sewer, cable television, landscaping, garbage removal, snow removal, pool and jacuzzi maintenance, elevator maintenance, reserve fund, administrative (legal, accounting, Management) insurance, common area utilities, and common area property taxes. A detailed account and list of these items can be found in your CC&R documents.

9. Is there other coverage the Owner may need?

For your condo, one million liability insurance is required and contents insurance is strongly recommended. In the Rental Agreement, there are specific instructions and minimum amounts described.

10. How do we decide which condo gets rented first?

When a Rental Guest calls and requests a particular size, location, feature, view or type of condo, we will do everything possible to fulfill our guest's needs as best as we can. When a guest calls and has no particular request, our sophisticated property management system, Visual 1, distributes rentals on a fair and equitable basis, making sure that all units are rented equally while taking into consideration Owner and Owner Guest use.

11. Can we make our condo a non-smoking unit?

Each Owner has the right to designate their condo as a "smoking" or "non-smoking" condo. On the last page of your Rental Agency Agreement, you will find the section where you will indicate your choice.

12. Can we add personal items to the decor of the condo?

MHM allows Owners to add personal items/touches to condos. Any additional items or amenities added to a Condo is done so at the Owner's risk. MHM does not keep an inventory of any additional items or amenities added to a condo, therefore we cannot guarantee the security of these items nor do we have a way of knowing if a guest has broken, damaged or stolen any additional items put in the condo by the Owner. Again, contents insurance is highly recommended.

13. Can we bring pets into our condo?

Per the Village Lodge CC+R's, Owners can bring one pet into their condo. Pets are not allowed in common areas (pool, jacuzzis, fitness rooms, game room, etc.) A pet cleaning fee may be added to your departure clean fee to reflect special cleaning required after your departure.

Terms and Definitions:

  • Mammoth Hospitality Management, LLC (MHM):
    The owner and operator of the Front Desk offering on-site rental management services.
  • Property Management:
    The company contracted by the Board of Directors to operate and maintain the common areas, pool and jacuzzi's of each property.
  • Owner Agent:
    Any person allowed to obtain keys and access to a condo on an on-going basis. The owner must provide written documentation to MHM of said person. For example: contractors (for a determined amount of time), real estate agents, outside rental management companies, etc.
  • Owner Guest:
    Any non-paying guest of an owner using the owner's unit including family members.
  • Owner Relation Representatives:
    The primary contact person for all owner inquiries. This includes reservations, property management, and rental management. An owner representative is available seven days a week at 866-8-VILLAGE. They can also be reached by e-mail:
  • Juniper Springs Resort Owner Relations 
    Becky Bonich - Owner Relations Manager 
    Office: 760-934-1102 x2412
    Email: Becky Bonich

    The Village Lodge Owner Relations
    Dawn Pilsl - Owner Relations Manager 
    Office: 760.924.1574
    Toll Free: 866-8-VILLAGE
    Fax: 760.934.1494
    Email: Dawn Pilsl

  • Reservations:
    A reservation has been made when the owner has contacted an owner representative and made a reservation, which then books (reserves) their condo in the computer system for a specified amount of time.

Front Desk Services:
Owners who participate in the MHM Rental Management Agency Program may use the Mammoth Hospitality Management (MHM) Front Desk for owner guest check-in and check-out. This service is not available however, to owners who are renting their unit to guests through another Rental Management Agency or acting as their own Rental Agency for that particular rental stay. Owner Guests may use the Front Desk and Concierge services provided. Upon guest arrival, MHM will issue keys and parking permit, and verify any guest information with a photo ID. Other special services will require a credit card imprint at check-in. MHM will ensure guests receive a Mammoth welcome complete with maps, directions, and bell service.

You must notify an Owner Relations Representative when making reservations for Owner Guests. The Owner Relations Representative should be notified at least 48 hours in advance and be provided with all guest information needed, including address and phone number.

Phone and Switchboard Services:
The hotel phone system is owned and operated by MHM, which includes responsibility for payment of all charges to the phone company. MHM is charged for all calls including local access. The system is tied directly to the Font Desk rental management system and all phone access to units is in conjunction with checked-in reservations. Telephone service will only be provided through the hotel switchboard for owners actively under contract with MHM rental program. Owners who are not contracted with MHM may choose to set up a personal direct dial phone with the local telephone company, Verizon. Owners with private phone lines are requested to provide MHM with the phone number for safety and security reasons.

Housekeeping Services:
MHM will provide housekeeping services to all homeowners and Owner Guests. Please refer to "Schedule B" of your MHM Rental Agreement for details. Housekeeping services require a reservation and at least 48 hours notice. All fees will be charged to your owner account unless otherwise stated.

Juniper Springs, Sunstone, Eagle Run - Upon request, keys will be provided to owners at no charge for personal use. Keys may be picked up in person at the Front Desk. Reservations are recommended for owners not participating in the MHM rental program to ensure the keys are ready upon arrival. Keys may be mailed to Owners or Owner Agents if requested. Owner Guests must provide 48 hours notice and a picture ID at check-in to receive keys at the Front Desk. Owners may provide a list of Owner Agents and Guests who are entitled to unlimited access to a unit and Front Desk key pick-up without a reservation. All other Owner Guests will need a reservation to be issued keys from the Front Desk. Front Desk check-in services and key distribution services at the Front Desk are not available however, to owners who are renting their unit to guests through another Rental Management Agency or acting as their own Rental Agency for that particular rental stay. 
The Village at Mammoth - MHM rental owners must check in at the Front Desk and are issued new keys upon arrival. Owners not with our program are given 10 keys per year, which can be replaced after 6 months if requested. Additional keys are available for a service fee. Private owner keys are issued through Owner Relations and cannot be obtained from the Front Desk.

Maintenance Services:
Maintenance will respond to emergency calls in all units. This includes, but is not limited to: water leaks, power outages, gas leaks, or any event impacting the safety or function of the unit, other units, or the facility. Owners participating in the rental program will receive routine maintenance as outlined in the Rental Agreement.

Special project requests will be considered as staffing and workload will allow. Parts will be charged to the owner at cost including any shipping and delivery fees. A fee of $50 per hour will be charged for labor. Large projects will be evaluated and committed to on an individual basis. Estimates on jobs will be provided upon request to the owners before the work starts. Please initiate all project requests through an owner relation representative. Acceptance and completion of project bids will depend on manpower, occupancy, worker skill, etc. MHM will be happy to provide a list of outside licensed contractors for services if needed.


Housekeeping Services

Owner & Owner Guest Housekeeping Services

  • When making an Owner Guest reservation, please specify at time of booking whether your Guest is responsible for payment of cleaning services.
  • Daily service includes amenity and towel replacement, trash removal, surface clean, bathroom and kitchen tidy, vacuum and linen change on request.
  • A Departure Clean is required for ALL reservations - including those that received daily service.
  • Any extra cleaning services required due to condo usage that is considered to be beyond normal will be billed separately and in addition to the above rates.
  • Rates will not be reduced if only part of the condo is used.
  • All charges will be posted to the Owner Statement unless other arrangements are made in advance.
  • Owners and Owner Guests are charged for all "extra" amentities and linens requested during their stay.
  • Owners with pets are charged an additional $100 - $150 per clean depending on the severity of the clean needed upon departure. This reflects the additional duties and labor that is necessary to return unit back to rental standards.
  • Real Estate and caravan showings in your condo are charged a fee for tiding and cleaning after the showing.
  • Rates are subject to change at the discretion of Mammoth Hospitality Management.
  • MHM Program Prices

    MHM rental only. Reservations required.

Daily Service Fee (optional)
  Owner Owner Guest
Studio $50 $60
One Bedroom $55 $65
One Bdrm. + Den $60 $70
Two Bedroom $65 $75
Three Bedroom $75 $85

Departure Clean Fee (required)
  Owner Owner Guest
Studio $70 $85
One Bedroom $75 $90
One Bdrm. + Den $80 $95
Two Bedroom $85 $100
Three Bedroom $95 $110

Trash and Towels
  Owner Owner Guest
Studio $10 $15
One Bedroom $15 $20
One Bdrm. + Den $18 $23
Two Bedroom $20 $25
Three Bedroom $25 $30

Annual Clean
  Owner Owner Guest
Studio $350 N/A
One Bedroom $375 N/A
One Bdrm. + Den $400 N/A
Two Bedroom $425 N/A
Three Bedroom $475 N/A

Pet Cleaning Fee
  Owner Owner Guest
Sunstone, Village properties $100-$150 not allowed pets

Real Estate Showings
  Owner Owner Guest
Studio $25 N/A
One Bedroom $27.50 N/A
One Bdrm. + Den $30 N/A
Two Bedroom $32.50 N/A
Three Bedroom $37.50 N/A

  Owner Owner Guest
set of sheets $7 $9
flat or fitted sheet $2 $3
pillowcase $1 $1.50
set of towels $7 $9
towel $2.50 $3.50
hand towel $1.50 $2
face cloth $1 $1.50
bath mat $1.50 $2
robe $5 $7
pot holder/dish towel/ dish cloth $1 $1.50
Palmolive $1.50 $1.50
sponge $1.60 $1.60
coffee reg./decaf $.35 $.35
sugar/creamer $.15 $.15
Gavina tea $.70 $.70
Biscoff $.15 $.15
toilet paper $.85 $.85
tissue box $1.50 $1.50
paper towel $1.50 $1.50
Cascade $2.80 $2.80
shampoo $.75 $.75
conditioner $.75 $.75
lotion $.85 $.85
body wash $.75 $.75
shower cap $.30 $.30
sewing kit $.50 $.50
large soap 40g $.85 $.85
small soap 35g $.70 $.70
plastic cup $.10 $.10
trash liners small $.05 $.05
trash liners large $.35 $.35


Any additional amenities requested during owner/owner guest stay are available for a fee.

Annual Interior Deep Cleaning

Annual Interior Deep Cleaning services include the following:

Remove all vents and clean, wash painted walls, wash inside and outside all cabinets and drawers including the top, pull out appliances and clean behind and all surfaces, remove light fixtures and clean, dust walls top to bottom, inventory and replace any item that is broken or missing, clean and seal floor.

Living/Dining Room:
Armoire and tables cleaned including under the TV and DVD player, couch cleaned with down & dirty, blinds and windows clean from top to bottom. Furniture polish on the blinds, artwork cleaned, baseboards, walls, on/off switches, balconies and ceiling fans cleaned. All furniture is moved and the room is edged with the small vacuum.

Showers and tubs washed all the way to the top, walls, baseboards, on/off switches, vents, vanity lights, and shower curtain and rod cleaned. Doors cleaned inside and out. Floors cleaned and sealed. Showerheads cleaned w/CLR, drains cleaned.

Strip all linen off bed/s, send duvets, blankets, mattress pads, and pillow covers to laundry. Baseboards, walls and blinds cleaned. All furniture is dusted including headboards and lamps. Doorframes and doors cleaned all the way to the top. Wall heaters cleaned, closets cleaned inside and out including all closet tracks, fans cleaned. Bed and furniture moved and the carpet is vacuumed.

Vacuum and deep clean entire carpeted area, identify and put in requests to have repaired any maintenance deficiencies, check all plugs and outlets, wash all windows inside and out, all blinds cleaned and furniture polished, edge of carpeted area vacuumed throughout the room.


Maintenance Services for MHM Rental Owners

A- Routine Maintenance

The following (A) is a list of routine maintenance services and items that are provided at no cost (parts and labor) to the Owner by MHM Maintenance Department.

  • Respond to all calls for maintenance to inspect and diagnose the problem.
  • Inspect each condo once yearly to identify preventative maintenance needed.
  • Replace all light bulbs.
  • Unstop toilets, sinks, tubs by use of plunger.
  • Unclog and reset garbage disposals.
  • Replace batteries in smoke detectors, remote controls, key card locks and clocks as needed.
  • Reconnect or replace blind slats, valance and knobs.
  • Inspect and clean all vents, filters on appliances and ceilings.
  • Reset/turn on circuit breakers.
  • Instruct guests on use of DVDs and other equipment. Reprogram TV as needed.
  • Make adjustments to and/or lubricate screens, cabinets and sliding glass doors and all door locks.
  • Replace standard plastic electrical wall plate covers.
  • Respond to and inspect all appliance malfunctions.
  • Re-hang artwork, towel racks and other attached wall items.
  • Install and remove any loaner appliances or equipment (TVs, VCRs, etc).

B- Non-Routine Maintenance

The following (B) is a list of non-routine maintenance items provided at a cost (parts and labor) to the Owner. Contractors may need to be hired to perform specialized labor.

Owner shall be responsible for all non-routine maintenance and repairs as determined by Manager in Manager's sole discretion. Fees will be applied to Owner's monthly statement.

  • Owner authorizes Manager to replace or repair an item costing up to $500 on a single item or call.
  • Any item or single call requiring attention due to normal wear and tear.
  • Personal condo changes, or work for the owner at their request.
  • Any structural repair or painting of the condo.
  • In the event of an emergency or federally-declared disaster, Owner authorizes Manager to provide or contract for services necessary to mitigate additional damage. Subsequently, Manager shall provide estimates of repair costs to the Owner in verbal and written format. Manager shall be entitled to a handling charge for management of the repair effort.
  • Owner closet in condo, including keys.

Our Home is Your Home placards

Mammoth Hospitality Management is proud to have added an informational placard card in all of our rental units. The theme of the card is "Our Home is Your Home." The cards inform guests that all condos and common area facilities are owned by private individuals and their families. The cards encourage guests to treat the facilities and units as if they were their own home. The cards are displayed in prominent locations in the units. It is hoped that by creating a personal connection to the unit and informing the guests that these units are privately owned, that we may cut back on wear and tear.


Conferences & Meeting Services

Hold your conference or meeting at Mammoth or refer a friend or colleague. Contact the Group Sales at 760-934-0743.