JIBS   43
JUMPS   15

Gabe Taylor - Unbound - Snowboard Team

Gabe Taylor

Gabe Taylor has been a part of the Mammoth team for so long that he's an integral part of the entire Mammoth experience. He's not afraid to grab a rake and touch up a jump when it needs it, and he's taken countless young athletes into the backcountry to show them the ropes. 


  • Years Riding? 13 years
  • Favorite run at Mammoth Mountain? Waterfall to Lower Dry Creek
  • Park or Powder? Powder, although the parks have been so fun this year you really can't lose.
  • Favorite Mammoth Moment? Early season last year we got a bunch of snow and the top hadn't opened yet. It was the first day after the storm but it was pretty cloudy. I went up anyways and cruised around the back of Ch. 1 and Ch. 23 was turning. And nobody was there. I asked the liftie if it was open and he said "yeah, but you're the only person I've seen." I jumped on as fast as I could and 1/3 of the way up I found myself above the clouds with the top of the mt. totally untouched. After about three laps people showed up but that was a pretty magical morning for me.
  • Favorite spot to eat in Mammoth? Sushi Rei, Giovanni's, Thai'd Up
  • What brought you to Mammoth? The Park
  • Other Sponsors? Artec, Billabong, Dragon, Val Surf, 32, Union, Contour, Purl 

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