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Unbound Blog

  • It's the Weekender!

    by Unbound Staff | May 20, 2016

    Chas Guldemond has been working on a few new tricks this spring and was able to nail this one on middle jump last week. BS 1440 Triple Cork Truckdriver. 

  • Sven Session

    by Unbound Staff | May 20, 2016

    Sven Thorgren can snowboard really, really well. A few weeks back he chose the Mammoth jump at Superpark 20 to unleash a bevy of backside spins. 
    BS 1260 Nose | BS 1440 Mute | BS 1260 Tail

  • Superpark 20 Goes Down at Mammoth Mountain

    by Unbound Staff | May 10, 2016

    Some of the world's best snowboarders descended on Mammoth Mountain this spring for the 20th Anniversary of Snowboarder Magazine's Superpark event.

    Bringing together North America's top terrain park builders from marquee resorts including Mammoth's very own Unbound team, Superpark again succeeded at pushing the evolution of terrain park construction.

    Mammoth's content crew were also on-site to document all the action in what is quickly being  recognized as the biggest, baddest and most progressive Superpark ever. To view photos and watch more videos visit

    Don't forget, Mammoth's lifts are still turning with plenty of snow at Main Lodge including loads of fun features at the Unbound Main Park and Forest Trail.

    We also have a great Memorial Day Weekend planned, including lodging specials and our annual ski, bike, golf challenge, so be sure book your next trip to Mammoth today.

    See you on the hill.

  • Vote for Unbound

    by Unbound Staff | Apr 27, 2016

    Enjoy a couple minutes of fine shredding in our Unbound parks.

  • Jossi +1 Run in Forest Trail

    by Unbound Staff | Apr 26, 2016

    Forest Trail offers a little something for everyone, even this year's XGames Gold Medalist Jossi Wells. Take a cruiser with him while he warms up for Main.

  • Jossi + 1 Run in Main Park

    by Unbound Staff | Apr 20, 2016

    Jossi Wells is one fun dude to watch ski. Here he is with a top to bottom lap in Main Park.

  • Monster Team at Holy Bowly

    by Unbound Staff | Apr 19, 2016

    Watch as Monster team riders Harrison Gordon, Chris Grenier, Jossi Wells and Zak
    Hale show us some of the more unique lines in the Bowly setup. 

  • Holy Bowly w/ Brady Lem

    by Unbound Staff | Apr 15, 2016
    DC Snowboarding's team has been shredding the Holy Bowly all week and from the looks of it, it's working well for them...

  • Vote Unbound for President

    by Unbound Staff | Apr 13, 2016


    Or at least for Transworld Snowboarding’s Best Park Poll. Whether it was a first of its kind Transition Park, the 5 halfpipes, a re-worked Forest Trail, the metal, wood and plastic heaven that is Jibs Galore, the perfect flow of jibs and jumps in South Park or the video worthy pro level features in Main Park,  there’s no denying that the Unbound Parks were off the hook this year!

    Vote now, vote often and show the love so that the Unbound can re-take its rightful place atop the poll. (2nd place in the poll last year has not been sitting well with us…)
    Here are the details from the TW team:

    Where would snowboarding be without parks? They’re the starting point for progression and the lifeblood of freestyle at any resort, so we want to find out which North American parks are the best this year through the TransWorld SNOWboarding Park Poll.

    If the parks you rode were primed for progression, flawlessly groomed, and creatively built, take five minutes to fill out the poll below on your phone, tablet, or laptop. You’ll be entered for a chance to win a 2016/2017 Gnu Forest Bailey Headspace, K2 Bottle Rocket, or Salomon Villain board to get next season started off right.

    Take the poll now to be entered to win one of three boards including a 2016/2017  Gnu Forest Bailey Headspace, K2 Bottle Rocket, or Salomon Villain.



  • April 8 Weekender

    by Unbound Staff | Apr 09, 2016

    Flipping out over the weekend.

  • Oakley Mini-Pipe Challenge

    by Unbound Staff | Apr 05, 2016

    Shaun White knows how to host an event. An eleven foot pipe with features littered down it's length was the canvas for the Oakley mini-pipe challenge and the end product was a thing of beauty that brought smiles to all in attendance. Oakley pros Sven Thorgren, Seb Toots, Eero Eetala, Chloe Kim and a stacked field of top locals threw down creative lines and hammer after hammer until the late afternoon. 
  • I am Snowboarding

    by Unbound Staff | Apr 05, 2016


    Well, Jeff Anderson is snowboarding, and the JLA Banked Slalom is an incredible way to get together with friends, race an awesome course and celebrate the community that Jeff was such a huge part of growing. 

    This year’s event took place on Lower Dry Creek on what can be called the absolute ideal set up for a banked slalom. After a few berms and some rollers the course took a radical 90 degree turn down into the heart of the creek bed with banked turns lined down the entirety of the small valley. 
    Current pros, bros, legends and future legends all put two hands on the starting gates and slingshotted themselves into the run with all intentions of riding as fast as possible. 

    Temple Cummins, Roan Rogers, Danny Kass, Christy Prior, Markus Kellar, Bryan Fox, Scott Blum, Curtis Ciszek, Kimmy Fasani, Garrett Warnick, Seth Huot, Scotty James and a grip of other top pros tore down the course with times that had the rest of the mortals scratching their heads in total amazement. At the end of the day it was Mt. Baker legend and all around nice guy Temple Cummins winning the two run event. 
    The snowboarding community is alive and well and it just feels right that Mammoth plays host to an event that undoubtedly would make Jeffy proud. 

  • Transition Park

    by Unbound Staff | Apr 03, 2016

    As much fun as humanly possible...

  • Legends of the Fall Line | Seb and Sven

    by Unbound Staff | Mar 25, 2016
    What happens when you let two of the best park riders loose in perfect Main Park for the morning? Watch and find out. Spoiler alert: It’s some of the best shredding you’ll ever see. 

  • Oakley Wallride Welcome Party

    by Unbound Staff | Mar 21, 2016

    Oakley Wall_Seb

    Unveiling a new feature can go unnoticed at times, the new Oakley wall ride however, did not. Its sheer size made sure of that, standing 15 feet off the snow the thing is visible from the other side of the county. Oakley sent some of their top skiers and riders to session the wall with hopes of getting the first shots on the thing. Eero Ettala, Sammy Calrson, ABM, Seb Toots, Jamie Anderson and Sven Thorgren flew in from all over the world for Oakley Week and to take a stab at the beast. 

    What ensued was a session of epic proportions. Standout tricks included a crazy fast plant on top of the wall, air to fakies way above the top, some incredibly tech lip tricks and a half dozen backside airs from Seb that were a solid 10 feet above the top of the 12 foot wall. 

    Check out the new Oakley wallride, currently now up in Main Park.

    Oaklye Wall_Unbound

  • Brandon Davis Wins in China

    by Unbound Staff | Mar 16, 2016


    You can now add “World Champion” to Brandon Davis’ ever-growing list of accomplishments. The Mammoth athlete and young snowboard slopestyle boss solidified his spot at the top of the podium after picking up a score of 88.65 to nudge out Max Parrot and Stale Sandbech for gold.

    Brandon has had nothing short of an amazing season with a win at the Mammoth US Slopestyle Grand Prix and a top 5 finish at the prestigious Burton US Open of Snowboarding.

    Congrats, Brandon! For more of Brandon shredding Mammoth, check out his Legends of the Fall Line Episode HERE.

  • Oakley Progression Sessions Goes Off at Mammoth

    by Unbound Staff | Mar 14, 2016

    Oakley Week continues this week! Check out all the action and activities here:

    Posted by Mammoth Mountain on Monday, March 14, 2016

    “I don’t ride park” used to be my mantra, but after spending the weekend at the Oakley Progression Sessions, my mantra has changed. This weekend I found myself gaining confidence in the park while surrounded by women of all ages, supporting each other to progress their skiing and riding skills in the park. Led by a team of badass Oakley coaches we hit the slopes on Saturday, after a brief session of yoga and stretching, in our custom Oakley Flight Deck goggles and made our way to our private park in Forest Trail.

    It wasn’t long until we were sitting in front of a jump and were talking about how send it. I was nervous, but as I watched the other women I was with stand up, one by one, and hit the jump I became determined. If they could do it, so could I. And I did. Encouraged by my coach and my teammates, I realized that I was gaining confidence and actually enjoying the park- something that I never thought would happen. Towards the end of the day, I even learned how to do an indie grab and took a lap through the halfpipe. I went home that day glowing with excitement.

    The next morning was stormy but I found that same mentality that I had the day before- if the other women could face the cold and wind, so could I. After another session of morning yoga and coffee, we hit the hill with giggles, selfies, and excitement to progress our new found park skills. We spent the day in the Wonderland Playground, which had perfectly sized jumps and jibs for us to work on. The coaches set up different stations through the park, and we worked on riding rails, spinning off jumps, and board sliding boxes. Our coaches talked us through and demonstrated each trick, showing us how to approach the feature, move our bodies, and how to land. I was nervous, but once again, watching the other women do it and learning from each other as well as our coaches gave me the confidence to try it for myself. Before I knew what was happening, I was spinning 180’s, giving high fives, and cheering other women on as they progressed themselves. I even worked up the nerve to board slide a box, something that I’ve always been too scared to try.

    The weekend ended with a board tuning tutorial, dry land training, an award session, and a post-camp euphoria that came from learning new things, supporting each other in our progress, and meeting a rad group of women who all love to hit the slopes. My new mantra: “I’m learning how to ride park.”

  • Mammoth Athletes Blow Minds at US Open

    by Unbound Staff | Mar 07, 2016

    Shaun White, Judd Henkes, Chloe Kim, Kelly Clark, Greg Bretz, Brandon Davis, Maddie Mastro and Brock Crouch all gave us incredible stories to talk about at this year's Burton US Open.

    Shaun White is always under scrutiny, probably more so than any other athlete in action sports so his mere presence at the event was headline news. There were questions about Shaun's intentions and whether he was in riding shape. But after he dropped in on his first run and did the biggest backside air anyone has ever seen, those questions were promptly answered. You could almost hear the competitor's area mutter "he's baaaaaack..." under their breath. 

    Where were you when you were 14 years old? GI Joe, Transformers and video games come to mind for many of us. Judd Henkes was standing on top of the pipe at the US Open, an arena that should have been as intimidating as a gladiator pit, but he was not flinching. After a win in the Junior Jam that could be summed up as a total slaughterfest, Judd was given an entry into the Main Event. When Judd dropped in the commentators spoke with a tone you would use when describing your friends baby, almost demeaning if it wasn’t obvious they were trying to play his underdog card. That all ended after Judd’s board left his frontside wall in the pipe and blasted a 20 foot fs 540 with style to burn. As the announcers scrambled to find words for what they were witnessing Judd continued to annihilate the pipe. And if there were any doubters left watching, the young man chucked a 20 foot fs 900 on his final hit, catching the last few feet of pipe before flying into the finishing chorale and spraying the crowd, which at this point was going nuts. Welcome to the party Judd, you made our Open. 

    Chloe Kim continued her incredible season with another dominating win at the US Open. Her massive backside air/fs 1080/switch fs 1080 combo is changing the way women’s snowboarding is viewed. As one viewer wrote in to the broadcast; “Could Chloe compete in the men’s event?”. Pro snowboarder/announcer Jack Mitrani answered “yeah, pretty much.” This is uncharted territory folks.

    Kelly Clark competed, and podiumed, with a severely strained hip. Her injury made it painful just to get on the snowmobile up to the top of the pipe and had her in tears as she waited to drop for her run. But the Open is a special event for her, one which she has won 8 Times! And like the absolute legend she is, she dropped in and sent it the best her body allowed. Truly inspiring stuff. View Run HERE

    Fresh off of his win last month at the World Cup event in South Korea Brock Crouch rode with a newfound confidence and landed with a solid top fifteen finish. Without a little hand drag on a cab 12 on his final run he could’ve been well up into the top 10. 

    Greg Bretz is no stranger to US Opens and his comfort with the crowd and energy in this year’s was palpable. Greg’s first two hits of his first run were simply massive and if he could’ve held on there’s no doubt he would’ve been on the podium. As the pipe got softer Greg still stepped up and laid down an insane run and earned a solid 6th place.

    Somehow Brandon Davis has managed to fly under the radar a bit. With a win at the Grand Prix in Mammoth and a trick repertoire that matches anyone’s, it should come as no surprise that he was well inside the top ten at the US Open. Announcers put Brandon at the top of your list of NAMES I NEED TO KNOW. 

  • Hot Laps 4

    by Unbound Staff | Mar 03, 2016

    Try watching this just once. You can't do it, there's too many hammers worth a second, third and fourth viewing. Highlights include a heavy pipe session, clips from our new transition park, breakout sections from Brian Pracht and Dylan Norder and a soundtrack by none other than Roy Orbison. 

  • 6 on 6 with Spencer Whiting

    by Unbound Staff | Feb 26, 2016


    Spencer is a product of the Mammoth Teams program and along with his good friends Brandon Davis and Grey McCalla they’ve been destroying everything in their path, as witnessed in their self-produced Mayhem edits. Not one to sit back and hope something good happens, Spencer took the bull by the horns and has been working his tail off, shredding hard and capturing all of it for us to enjoy. Heads up if you see him out on the hill, his lines can be a little aggressive; see Legends of the Fall Line Episode 2 for proof…

    Gabe: Do you have any nicknames?
    Spencer: Yeah, I just got a new one from Ben Ferguson, speddy. Earned over some hectic Domino games.
    G: What’s your favorite Unbound feature?
    S: Hmmm, I honestly think we have the best down rails in the game, so good for getting your tricks dialed. 

    G: Nose, tail or stale?
    S: Definitely nose.
    G: Top 5 video parts of all time?
    S: One of em from a long time ago was Kevin Pierce and Shaun White in Picture This. John J’s last Real Snow edit was insane. It’s hard nowadays because everyone puts out web series and they’re not really video parts. Oh, Scott Stevens in the 32 movie, that was sick. Wait, John Jackson in Forum’s F!@k it, that was so messed up! There was that shot of him doing a double backside rodeo, I love the way that was filmed. Last night I watched Deeper and that was insane. Camping out in the middle of nowhere? That’s no joke. 

    G: What's motivating you to ride so hard?
    S: Honestly, I’ve always been really into contests and this year I took a step back and started riding for myself. Just riding for myself and being in Mammoth, this has been the spot to be. 

    G: Do you have a favorite quote?
    S: It’s not really a quote but “stay hungry”.
    G: That'd make for a horrible tattoo.
    S: Ha! Yeah it would.