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Safety & Conduct


Stay Safe on the Slopes

Our goal is to provide a safe, consistent, and fun mountain experience for our different guest segments by enforcing personal responsibility and respect for others and our environment. This goal is embodied by our Mountain Operations Mission Statement:

"To produce the safest experience while protecting each person's freedom by educating and enforcing personal responsibility and respect."

To execute this mission statement and achieve our goal, we have defined standards that reflect the necessary personal responsibility and respect which will allow our guests to safely co-exist on the mountain.

In most cases, we have defined standards and not rules.  Standards are subjective and dependent on the situation and environment.  It is not our practice or intent to create excessive rules as they may not apply in many situations and may restrict the freedom to use the mountain.

Higher Standard of Care

At Mammoth, we believe that our children deserve a higher standard of care on the mountain, from our own staff and other guests. Their size and lack of experience can make them more vulnerable, and it is up to all of us to be more aware and in control whenever kids are around. We emphasize the following three ideas when it comes to keeping our kids safe at Mammoth. Practice them during your stay, and always be ready to help a kid on the mountain.
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Kids on Lifts

Kids on Lifts

To make your visit as safe and enjoyable as possible, we strongly suggest that you take the time to review the following 11 Kids-on-Lifts Safety Tips with your children before they take their first chairlift ride.

  1. Your small child (defined as a child shorter than 51" to the top of their helmet) may be assisted by the lift operator unless instructed differently by their parent our guardian.

  2. A small child should not ride a chairlift alone.

  3. A small child should sit to the far outside of the chair next to the armrest for added security.  

  4. A small child not seated next to an armrest should be accompanied by an adult.

  5. When riding a fixed grip chairlift with your child (chairlifts that do not automatically slow down while loading and unloading), position them on the side next to the lift operator.

  6. If your child uses ski poles they should take the straps off of their wrists and hold them in the hand away from the outside of the chair while loading.

  7. Once they are ready they should quickly move from the Wait Here signs to the Load Board. They should remember "Boots on the board".

  8. As the chair approaches the load board your child should turn to the outside of the chair, reach back with their free hand, and grab on to the vertical pole. They should remember "Turn, reach, and grab."

  9. Your child should hold on to the vertical bar next to them all the way up the chairlift. They should remember "Hold on".

  10. Your child should sit all the way back in the chair with their back touching the back of the chair. They should remember "Sit all the way back".

  11. Your child should sit still until they reach the Unload Here signs. They should remember to "Sit still".


Our qualified lift staff is there to assist with loading your small children as well as all guests.  Don't hesitate to ask them for any further assistance, if needed.