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  • How do I purchase my MVP pass?

  • What is the Mammoth Value Pass?

  • Are there any blackout days for MVP?

  • When is MVP on sale for the 14/15 season?

  • What is the price breakdown for MVP by age groups?

  • Why are there various price points for the MVP based on when I purchase?

  • When will my new MVP be valid?

  • Can I use my pass at June Mountain?

  • What is this tiered, Resort Credit, Renewal Reward Program?

  • What is Bonus PassCash and what are its benefits?

  • What are my payment options?

  • Is entering my credit card information online safe?

  • May I use my Courtesy Vouchers to purchase a Mammoth Value Pass?

  • May I use a Mammoth Gift Card to purchase my Mammoth Value Pass?

  • When and where can I pick up my MVP?

  • If I purchase a Pass and then for some reason am unable to use it, or even pick it up, can I get a refund or credit?

  • What if I lose my pass?

  • What if I forget my pass?

  • Why is a youth pass for ages 13-18?

  • How do I know which age/price range I am in if I'm on the cusp?

  • Do I get a free Season Pass for my child that is under 6 years old?

  • I'm over 80 years old. Do I get a free Season Pass?

  • My children take lessons during most visits to Mammoth. Should I buy passes for them?

  • If I bought a pass for my child in the spring and they decide to join the Mammoth Junior Race Team in the fall, can I get a refund on their pass?

  • I would like to buy passes now and assign names later. Is that possible?

  • What Season Passes can I purchase if I miss the early MVP sales window?

  • If I decide not to use my MVP in 2014/2015, can I transfer it to next year?

  • My child is under 7 in the 2014/2015 season. Will they be able to get MVP Pass pricing in future years?

  • How will I receive Activity Pass Add-ons?

  • What will I need with me to pick up my pass?

  • I look nothing like my picture from last season. Can I get another one taken?

  • Can someone else pick up my pass for me?

  • When am I eligible for MVP benefits?

  • How will you let me know about MVP discounts/benefits?

  • What other benefits are offered to passholders?

  • Is there a payment plan for MVP or MVP Premium?

  • Can I get a refund on my pass?


  • What is the MVP Premium Pass?

  • What resorts are included in the Mountain Collective?

  • What is the price breakdown for MVP Premium by age groups?

  • Will my existing MVP pass become my Premium Pass?

  • How do I redeem my half-off lift tickets at another resort?

  • Is there a payment plan for MVP or MVP Premium?