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Mammoth Air Pack


Buy a Mammoth Air Pack - Save 50% on Airfare

A Mammoth Air Pack gives you the option of purchasing either a 6 or 10 pack of one-way Alaska Airlines tickets between Mammoth Lakes and your choice of Los Angeles (LAX)  or San Diego (SAN). Air Pack holders have more seats available to them, making flights to Mammoth more convenient.

Save 50% on Alaska Airline’s Full-Flex Fares when you buy an Air Pack
6 Pack - $490
10 Pack - $790

Air Pack tickets are transferable, which make them great holiday gifts. Plus, you can earn 500 miles in the Alaska Airlines’ Mileage Plan, per flight. 

Mammoth Air Packs are valid for air travel through October 31, 2016. Seats are limited and other restrictions may apply.

Call 800.MAMMOTH to Buy Your Mammoth Air Pack.


Mammoth Air Pack Terms & Conditions 15/16

1. Each Mammoth Air Pack is valid for 6 or 10 One-Way Air Pack flights, depending on the product purchased. 6 one way flights for $490 total ($364 base fare for 6 one way flight coupons, plus $15 for other government taxes and fees and a $6 booking fee for each flight, to be paid at the time of flight booking, and subject to other restrictions*). 10 one way flights for $790 total ($600 base for 10 one way flight coupons, plus $15 for other government taxes and fees and a $4 booking for each flight, to be paid at the time of flight booking, and subject to other restrictions*).

2. Mammoth Air Packs can be used to book eligible travel between 11/2/15 and 10/31/16 excluding blackout dates*, and must be booked by 10/24/16.

3. Each flight is valid for the base fare of a one-way, nonstop flight for one person between Mammoth Lakes, CA and:
Los Angeles, CA (November 1, 2015 – October 31, 2016)
San Diego, CA (December 17, 2015 – April 3, 2016)

4. *BLACKOUT DATES include: 11/20/15-11/22/15, 11/24/15-11/25/15, 11/28/14-11/30/15, 12/18/15-12/23/15, 12/26/15-12/31/15, 1/2/16-1/3/16, 2/11/16-2/15/16, 3/18/16-3/20/16, 3/25/16-3/27/16, 4/1/16-4/3/16, 

5. Applicable taxes and fees must be paid at time of booking by the traveler using the Mammoth Air Pack flight. These taxes/fees are not included at the time of the initial Mammoth Air Pack purchase because you may elect not to take all flights or you may elect to share your Mammoth Air Pack flights with others.

6. Mammoth Air Packs must be booked by calling 800.MAMMOTH by 4pm the day before desired travel.

7. Travel using a Mammoth Air Pack flight is subject to availability; flights are T class fares and are subject to selling out. A Mammoth Air Pack does not guarantee availability on any particular flight. Flight schedules are subject to change without notice or liability to you.

8. Your purchase of a Mammoth Air Pack is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged or credited to other purchases from Mammoth Mountain or Alaska Airlines.

9. NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES will be given by Mammoth Mountain or Alaska Airlines for any unused Mammoth Air Pack flights. After 11:59PM PST on 10/31/16, the Mammoth Air Pack will expire, and all unused tickets will be forfeited.

10. Mammoth Air Packs may be divided among multiple travelers, but each individual Mammoth Air Pack flight is valid for only one customer for one booking; if you and another traveler each wish to use a Mammoth Air Pack ticket on the same flight, you must complete separate bookings using two separate Mammoth Air Packs.

11. Travel is not valid in connection with any other Alaska Airlines flights or for any partner, code share or interline flight. Mammoth Air Pack may not be used to purchase other products or services that are sold separately, including, but not limited to, pet fees, baggage fees, excess, overweight or oversized checked baggage, in-flight purchases and beverages. Flight reservation change fees and cancellation penalties apply.

12. Mammoth Air Packs can be used for new flight bookings only. You cannot use a Mammoth Air Pack ticket for any previously booked flight or exisiting reservation.

13. Mammoth Air Pack tickets do not include baggage fees, which can total $25 per back up to 2 bags. See for complete baggage fees and conditions.

14. Any changes made to a reservation booked using a Mammoth Air Pack must be made through 800.MAMMOTH and will be subject to any applicable change fees up to $125 per person plus applicable fees and any difference in fare. Name changes are not permitted once travel is booked.

15. Cancellations and no shows will forfeit the Mammoth Air Pack flight used to make that reservation, no credit or refund will be given.

16. Mammoth Air Packs cannot be resold through any channel.

17. Mammoth Air Packs will not be available for use until we have received a signed liability release agreeing to these terms and conditions.


Details & Restrictions