Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort

Area Transportation



Whether you took a quick flight into Mammoth and didn't rent a car or just want to go out for a night on the town and not worry about driving, there's plenty of public transportation here. Starting early and running late, it's convenient and makes getting around town or to the mountain easy!

Eastern Sierra Transit Winter 2014-2015

Service and Route Dates Times Frequency
Red Line: Snowcreek to Main Lodge Nov 21-May 25 7am - 5:30pm Every 20 minutes. Last shuttle departs Main Lodge at 5:30 PM
Blue Line: The Village to Canyon Lodge Nov 21-Apil 19
7:20am- 5:20pm Every 15 minutes. Last bus leaves The Village at 5:20 PM. Last bus leaves Canyon Lodge at 5:25PM
Yellow Line: The Village to Eagle Lodge Jan 31  -Apil 19
8:30am- 4:45pm Departs Village :30 minutes past hour - Last bus leaves The Village at 4:30 PM; Last departure from Eagle 4:45
Green Line: Vons to Eagle Lodge Dec 17 -Apil 19
7:30am- 5:30pm Every 15 minutes. Last bus leaves Vons at 5:30 PM
Orange Line: Village to Tamarack  Jan 31 -Apil 16
8:00am-5:15pm Every hour. Bus leaves The Village top of the hour and from Tamarack :15 past the hour. Last departure from Village 5pm; last departure from Tamarack 5:15pm
Purple Line: Vons to The Village Year Round 7am-6pm Every 30 minutes. Departs Vons on the hour and half-hour. Last departure at 5:30 PM
Gray Line: Vons to Red Fir Rd. in Old Mammoth Year Round

7am-6pm Every 30 minutes. Departs Vons on the hour and half-hour. Last departure at 5:30 PM

June Mountain Shuttle

 June Mountain Shuttle Runs   Depart  Arrive  Arrival Location
 June Mountain To Mammoth Village  8am  8:35am  The Village 
 Mammoth Village to June Mountain  4:10pm  4:45pm  June Mountain
 June Mountain to Mammoth Village  5pm  5:40pm  The Village**

**Note: The 5:00pm departure from June Mountain (5:40pm arrival at The Village) will continue through the Town of Mammoth Lakes making drop‐offs at the bus stops in Town reversing the route from the morning (7:10am) pickups.


Night Service

Service Dates Times Frequency
Night Trolley: Canyon Lodge to The Village to Snowcreek Athletic Club Nov 21-May 25



Every 20 minutes. Last Trolley departs Canyon Lodge at 1:40 AM
Evening Hospitality Shuttle: Mammoth Mountain Inn to The Village Lodge to Juniper Springs Resort to Vons Dec 17 -April 19 6pm - Midnight Every 60 minutes. Bus leaves stop #18 at The Village on the hour; departs MMI 15 minutes past the hour; The Village Lodge and The Village/Canyon Blvd. 30 minutes past the hour; JSR 40 minutes past the hour; Vons 50 minutes past the hour

Dial-a-ride (Fee Based)

Route Dates Times Frequency Cost
Door-to-Door Year-round Weekdays: 8am-6pm
Weekends: 9am- 4pm
Call 760-924-3184 for reservations $2.50 - $3.50
Depends on zone

Transit Map