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Ski & Snowboard Rentals

Avoid the morning crowd!

Pick up your equipment the night before you hit the slopes. Most Mammoth Rental locations close late on Friday night and open early on Saturday morning. Click the Rental Locations button below for the Hours of Operation of each shop. Ski and Snowboard School students should pick up their equipment no less than one hour before their lesson starts.

  • Online rentals are available up to 2 days prior to start date.
  • For next day equipment rentals, please call 800.MAMMOTH / 800.626.6684

RENTAL LOCATIONS                

Advance sale discounts and multi-day discounts apply (except holiday periods).

Online Booking:

  1. Select Location
  2. Select Date 
  3. Select Duration
  4. Select Rental Age
  5. Select Skiing or Snowboarding
  6. Select Type(s) of Equipment
  7. Select Rentals Only or Packages
  8. Click on "Search"
The day you'd like to pick your rental up on.
Multiday rentals are the best deal and the most fun.
We have 3 age ranges to choose from. They are based on age at the start date. Children, Adult 13+, and Senior 65+
Skiing or Snowboarding?
Standard: Features standard boots and K2 shaped skis with Tyrolia bindings. These skis are the ultimate learning tools, great for mastering the carved turn and are available in sizes from kids to adults. Standard Plus: Features standard boots and an upgrade to K2 Sabre skis. These skis feature a higher performance level than the Standard package and are an unbelievable value at only $6.00 more. Demo: Features this year's top of the line equipment from all the top manufacturers. Try as many skis or boards as you like during your rental period for the same 1 day price.
A la carte ski rentals include skis and bindings. A la carte snowboard rentals include a snowboard and bindings. Packages include Skis, boots, binding and poles for Ski Packages and Snowboard, bindings and boots for Snowboard Packages.
A Location, Start Date, Duration, and Sport are required.

Standard Ski/Board Package

Brand new Head skis for 2013/14! These skis are excellent learning tools and ideal for mastering the carved turn. Available in a variety of sizes for both kids and adults, they're perfect for beginners and conservative skiers. Snowboards, boots, and bindings by Burton and K2.

Adult Child Senior
1 Day $39 $27 $33
2 Day $74 $54 $63
3 Day $105 $81 $$89
4 Day $133 $108 $112
5 Day $156 $135 $132


Standard Plus Ski Package

Only $8 more than the Adult Standard Package. These skis are recommended for intermediate skiers and above, or someone who just wants a better ski. (Standard Plus packages available for Adult and Senior skis only.)
Adult Senior
1 Day $47 $40
2 Day $89 $76
3 Day $127 $108
4 Day $160 $136
5 Day $188 $160

Demo Program

  • Top of the line equipment from top manufacturers
  • Test as many skis and snowboards as you like - without leaving the mountain
  • Try before you buy
  • Deduct the cost of your rental from the purchase price of any demo gear you buy

Demo Pricing


Ski/Board Package Skis/Board Only
Day 1 $88  $59
Day 2 $167  $112
Day 3 $238   $159
Day 4  $299  $201
 Day 5  $352  $236


Ski/Board Package Skis/Board Only
Day 1 $75  $50
Day 2 $143  $95
Day 3 $203   $135
Day 4  $270  $180
 Day 5  $338  $225


  • MVP passholders receive 10% off all multi-day rentals.
  • All other guests receive a 10% advance purchase discount on multi-day rentals if reserved 7 or more days in advance.  A multi-day rental is required.
No rental discounts apply during holiday blackouts dates.
  • Dec 21, 2013 – Jan 5, 2014
  • Feb 15, 2014 – Feb 16, 2014

Rental FAQs

  • Can I pick up my skis at one location and drop them off at another?

  • Can I exchange my ski rental for a snowboard rental?

  • Do you rent helmets?

  • What do I do with my skis at the end of the day if I am skiing the next day?

  • How long will it take to get equipment?

  • Do you rent winter clothing?

  • Do you offer a Ticket Rental package?

  • Do you offer rental discounts?

  • Do you carry demos in child sizes?

  • When will I pay for my rentals?

  • What if I cannot decide how many days I will be renting?

  • When should I return my skis/snowboard rentals?

  • What happens if I return my equipment early?

  • What else can I purchase at rental shops?