Audio Visual Equipment

Audio Visual Equipment

Check out our list of on-site audio visual equipment and see what is available at each venue. For pricing or specific needs, please request a quote.


Video Production Package

LCD Projector
DVD Player
Connection Cables (VGA, RCA, BNC)
Extension Cables & Power Strip
8ft Portable Pop-Up Screen


Projection Support Package

Extension Cables & Power Strip
Connection Cables (VGA, RCA, BNC)
8ft Portable Pop-Up Screen

4000 Lumen Projector

4000 Lumens of Brightness
Interchangeable lens, wide angle, standard, long throw
Internal Speaker
Power Cable and VGA Cable
RCA Connection Cables


3000 Lumen Projector

3000 Lumens of Brightness
Internal Speaker
Power Cable & VGA Cable
RCA Connection Cables


50" HD Plasma Monitor

1080 x 1920 Resolution
HDMI, RCA, VGA & DVI Connections
Pop-Up Portable Case


20" LCD Monitor

4:3 Aspect Ratio
VGA and DVI Connections

DVD Player

Composite & Component Connections


VHS Player

Composite & Component Connections


VGA Switcher

Scan Converter


4' & 8' Pop-Up Screens

Can be placed on tables


7.5', 10', & 14' Fast Fold Screens

Front & Rear Projection (14' is front only)
Does not fit in all venues
Drape Kit is included


AirStar Area Lighting System

Provides practical lighting for large areas
Balloon inflates automatically
Can be raised to 25'


Basic Audio Package

2 Speakers
2 Microphones
Mixer & Connection Cables


Bose Speaker System

1 Tower Speaker
1 Subwoofer
1 Amplifier & Connection Cables

Powered JBL Speakers

2 Speakers & Stands
Connection Cables

Wireless Microphone

Handheld or Lavaliere
Tabletop or Tall Microphone Stand
1/2 mile range


6 Channel Mixer or 16 Channel Mixer




Location Specific Packages



Forest Chapel Sound Package

2 Speakers with Stands
Wired Microphone and Stand
Electric Generator
Connection Cables


Mountainside Conference Center

House Audio System
Permanent Screens in MCC 1,2,3 & 5
Permanent Projector in MCC 5
VGA, Composite, and DVD Input to Projector in MCC 5
Independent sound in rooms 1,2,3 & 5 or may be combined to use the entire MCC
CD, iPod, Microphone & Line inputs for house sound or existing Satellite Radio
May accommodate 7.5' to 10' fast-fold screen for custom setup
4 Spot & 8 Par Can Lights available to use on existing hanging truss (We can dim these and reorient as needed)


Top of the Sierra

House Audio System
Satellite Radio Available for iPod, CD, DVD, Microphone & Line
Independent volume control for Interpretive Center and Café spaces


McCoy Station

House Audio System
Satellite Radio available throughout structure
Not recommended to use the House System for any other audio source
DJs and events must plan on bringing their own equipment or renting from us



House Audio System
Satellite Radio available throughout restaurant
Inputs available for iPod, CD, DVD, Microphone & Line
Blu-Ray Player available for playback on mirrored TV
HDTV available for viewing on mirrored TV
Permanent wireless microphone installed


Canyon Lodge

House Audio System
Large permanent screen (no projector)
Satellite radio available throught structure
Grizzly Theater has multiple microphone and line inputs, existing speakers are usable for events



House Audio System
Satellite Radio available throughout structure
Input available for microphone and line only
Blu-Ray Player available for play back on all 4 HDTVs simultaneously in main dining area
HDTV programming available on TVs in main dining area


Sierra Room

House Audio System
Inputs available for microphone and line only


Emerald, Whitney & Palisades

House Audio System
House Projector and Screen in each room
Audio inputs available for VGA and Composite
Permanent wireless handheld and Lavaliere microphones


Sherwin Room 1

HDTV available for TV, DVD and Computer presentations




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