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Luke Mitrani - Unbound - Snowboard Team

Luke Mitrani

Congratulations on winning US Grand Prix Halfpipe Overall!

Luke Mitrani grew up back east, but today he calls Mammoth home. With a bag of tricks that looks like he just left an upper-class neighborhood on Halloween, he's etched out a spot for himself on the Mammoth team and he's always sporting one of the biggest smiles in the park. He keeps busy at the Volcom Brothers Skate Park during our short summers here, and he's pretty good at pushing that thing around too.


  • Years Riding?  14
  • Favorite run at Mammoth Mountain?  Canyon lodge, south park mini pipe
  • Park or Powder? Parder 
  • Favorite Mammoth Moment?  When Danny won the grand prix for K.P. 
  • Favorite spot to eat in Mammoth?  Mimis Cookie Bar
  • What brought you to Mammoth? I came for nationals when I was about 12 years old. 3 years later we had a condo right near town! 
  • Other Sponsors? Volcom, Amp Energy, Dragon, Frends, Mimis Cookie Bar




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