Mammoth Mountain - Other Summer Fun

Mammoth Mountain - Other Summer Fun

Visit a ghost town – Bodie is a former California mining town, which had a population of about 20 until gold was discovered. Before you could say "Eureka!" about 10,000 people were calling it home. Until the gold ran out. Today, a small part of the town still survives and is preserved in a state of arrested decay.
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Canoeing and Kayaking – There's an abundance of lakes here in Mammoth and canoes and kayaks are great for exploring them.
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Horseback riding – Before there were motorcycles and SUVs, there was the Western Man's Best Friend – horses. Explore the backcountry with a guided tour, ranging from the family-perfect two hour jaunt to half-day and full-day adventures.
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Rock climbing – With our own rock climbing wall, Mammoth is the perfect place to learn the ropes of ascending a wall (800-MAMMOTH). Or if you want to bump it up to the next level check out the Sierra Rock Climbing School at 877-686-7625

Skateboarding – Complete with a giant cradle, a Burnside wall, lumps, humps, a large bowl, and a love seat wall, the 40,000 square foot Volcom Brothers skatepark is one of the best in the country and its completely free. You don't have to pay to put urethane to concrete at the Shady Rest Skatepark, either.

Tennis – With superlative tennis courts and serene scenery, check out the Snowcreek Athletic Club (760-934-8511) or the Mammoth Lake Tennis Club ( 760-934-0150 ).

For more information call the Mammoth Lakes Tourism & Recreation Department at 760-934-2712 ext. 1222.

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