Mammoth Mountain - Environment - Regulatory Compliance

Mammoth Mountain - Environment - Regulatory Compliance

MMSA is committed to complying with all environmental legislation and regulation governing business operations.

Regulatory Compliance

One needs only look at a ski resort in summer to see the potential for environmental damage due to erosion - large swaths are without trees to help hold down the dirt, particularly on Mammoth Mountain, where the volcanic rock and dirt are in many places not amenable to trees.  Erosion is one of the most pressing and widespread environmental threats to watersheds throughout North America. In 2005, MMSA, together with several regional ski resorts, partnered with the Sierra Business Council, IERS Tahoe and the United States Forest Service to create CAREC, the California Alpine Resorts Environmental Cooperative.  The partnership sought to bridge the gaps in then-available erosion control research (which was difficult to apply directly to ski area operations) by gathering the encyclopedic knowledge held by ski resort professionals such as Clifford Mann, MMSA's Mountain Operations Director.  The net result of the partnership was the Sediment Source Control Handbook, which presents a usable set of principles and practices for addressing erosion control and watershed restoration projects.

Carbon Emissions Tracking

MMSA recently registered and verified its Year 2007 carbon footprint with the Climate Registry.  By registering its emissions, MMSA is better able to set a baseline, review operations, and plan for the reduction of actual and planned future impacts.   MMSA is in the process of registering its carbon footprint for Years 2008 and 2009..


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