Mammoth Mountain - Environment

Mammoth Mountain - Environment


"We are stewards of the public lands entrusted to our care, and are mindful of the limits of the ecosystem that we share with our community and the world.  The goal is sustainability."
Rusty Gregory, MMSA Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mammoth Mountain Ski Area recognizes a delicate balance must be maintained to protect and preserve the dynamic environment of our spectacular Eastern Sierra region and the world beyond. Working toward this goal since 1999, MMSA's Environmental Programs are supported and driven by the commitment of many dedicated individuals. As we increasingly see the damaging effects of short-sighted environmental policies, we know that reducing our environmental footprint through carefully considered actions is paramount. Indeed, action is the main focus of our Environmental Programs, as you can see by clicking through this website and exploring what we've done to put our Environmental Policy Statement into action. We invite you to explore our ongoing efforts to be conscientious citizens and stewards of our beautiful environment. We encourage you not just to join us in our efforts here, but to also be inspired to initiate positive action in your corner of the world.

MMSAs Four Point Environmental Policy Statement

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